Drawings of Angels

An Ever-Changing Celestial Vision

When making Drawings of Angels, many artists seek to capture the beauty and glory of these ethereal beings; these celestial symbols of goodness and grace.

Um yeah, no pressure there right? No worries; as radiant and awe-inspiring as angels tend to be, Drawings of Angels do not carry with them a great deal of difficulty. And (surprise of all surprises!), they can even be fun.

That's right, not only are angels lovely and inspirational; they also can be diverse, interesting and downright hot! Check out early works by Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci, whose angels resembled real people (only better!) in their strength, power and beauty; and more recent pieces such as Male Angel by Dawn Rosendahl—which also could be called Hunka Hunka Burnin' Angel! These are examples of gorgeous and dare we say it, smexy celestial beings!

Indeed, angel portraits don't have to be staid and sedate; they can be dynamic, exciting and eye catching as well. And the creative artist can render Drawings of Angels in virtually any media form; whether it's pop art or digital imagery, oil or acrylics, charcoal or pencil.

Furthermore, in today's multicultural world, the image of the angel is vibrant and ever changing. Traditionally we picture angels as blonde-haired, blue-eyed females with flawless features and figures (It's Angel Barbie!) or infantile cherubs with chubby cheeks and serene smiles (It's Cabbage Patch Angel!)

Today’s angels, though, come in all shapes and sizes, ages and races, not to mention genders (Yep Ladies, in this age of equality, guys can be angels too!!!). Following the example first established by Simone Martini in his "Angel Gabriel" painting and continued by modern artists like Rosendahl, 'divine dudes' are popping up everywhere!

And so, for that matter, are African-American angels. Oprah Winfrey recently donated a collection of 571 black angel figurines and statuettes to The Angel Museum in Beloit, Wis. So who is your angel? Bring your perfect angel to life on paper, with the help of a few basic steps:

  • Start off with an essential rendering of the human form—only maybe just a little bit better. Draw a person as you normally would, with all the usual features and appendages, but use extra color and delicate strokes to create the illusion of heavenly splendor.
  • And don't forget what is perhaps the most noticeable appendage on an angel: those pesky wings! When drawing these fluffy ivory extensions, make the same broad, liberal strokes that you once created when making ‘snow angels’ as a child; then sketch in the details that morph these formations into lush, feathery wings.

The rest is up to you! Betcha you just hate it when we say that, but it's true:) These days an angel can be whoever you make her (or him). So let your dreams and your ideas be your guide in creating the perfect angel.

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