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Dark Fairies in the middle of night can be frighteningFamous Dark Fairies - Be Aware

Drawings of dark fairies are a beautiful sight to behold, especially when they are your own. This mythical creature gives you a lot of leeway to express yourself with unique features and expressions, ranging from calm and tranquil faces to on-fire anger and ire.

Like all other make believe characters, drawing dark fairies will require some imagination to set the tone and mood of your art project. From fantasy films to classic literature, drawing dark fairies has been a favorite for artists that like to draw without boundaries.

Dark Fairy Faces
Easy on the eye, most images of dark fairies are quite beautiful and posses a certain charisma. Often assigned to important roles and missions in movies, your dark fairy face should reflect intelligence, chiseled beauty and a sense of purpose in her action.

If you are lacking the facial feature inspiration, examine a model coming down the runway for some attitude and the way she looks in polished heavy makeup. In addition, traditional dark fairy features include a small waistline, long flowing hair and exaggerated length of the legs.

Fairies that are dark do appear in many other forms, so beware!Dark Fairies of the Night

Your drawings of dark fairies can take on any era you wish; however, this creature is closely associated with the countryside of England during the days of King Arthur.

Your dark fairy clothing should possess a graceful motion and accented by medium-sized wings that do not overpower her other dominant features. Remember that the dark fairy represents wispiness and grace, so the wings should be delicate and engaging to look at.

No proper dark fairy is going to leave her tree without looking her best, so be sure to add accessories to her overall appearance. Hair clasps, ribbons, bangle bracelets and jewelry around the neck keep her in top form and closely associated with the dark fairy theme.

Belts can make or break her outfit, so you may wish to experiment on a separate sheet of paper to work out a design that suits her style. Shoes are an option; however, you may have the only fairy on the block that is not flying barefoot. If you are struggling and uncertain about how to handle her feet, simply lower the length of her dress and call it a day.

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