Drawings of Dragons

Can Pack a Fiery Pencil-Punch

drawings of dragons fierce and placiddrawings of dragons fierce and placid

Drawings of Dragons is of course, an art, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be taught. There are many ways to learn to draw, and a few different techniques that you can use to start you in the right direction.

 Some people when they see a drawing and attempt to recreate it, try to draw the whole thing in one go. While some people can do this, there is a special way to draw things in stages that will help those who need a little guidance.

●     Start Here

When you start to draw, you need to begin with a frame, this will be the guidelines that you will use to pad out the drawing.

When drawing a Dragon for example, you need to start with the main frame of the dragon. This will include things like the back, legs, head and wings, but drawn as lines with circles for the head and joints. 

 ●     Next is the head

 After you have drawn the basic lines, you can concentrate on filling out your drawing. Use the guide that you have already drawn to help you place the head in the right way and use it as the base for the head.

 You don’t need to put in too much detail at this stage, just do the main features and put the rest in later. You will have the drawings of dragons posed from the way that you have placed the guide frame, so you only need to follow that.

 ●     The body

 Once you have the head drawn, progress along the neck and back. This will give you a natural progression and help you to make the look of the dragon flow. How you decide to complete the body will come with your own experience. You can do the top of the body first, complete the top and bottom as you move along, or do the bottom and legs first. The only important thing to remember is that you need to take it slowly and work in stages.

 ●     Finishing touches

 Once you have drawn the whole dragon, you can add any detail that you want such as muscle definition, scales, veins etc. This is the part that you can get really creative, and you can also add color at this point as well.

 Drawings of dragons is a simple step by step approach that will give you a real sense of achievement afterwards.

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