Drawings Of Flowers The Easy Way

by jollyon Hooley
(Amanzimtoti )

Drawings of Flowers The Easy Way

Drawings of Flowers The Easy Way

There are lots of ways to draw flowers - depends on you drawing skill level. The pros just start their drawings from anywhere on their canvas or they might start with one petal at a time.

If you do not know how, then it is best to start with guidelines! First have a look at the basic shape which is determined by their petal shapes.

You would draw a circle to describe the overall size of our flower. Ignore detail, do a quick study of your petals and how they fit in your circle. Notice petals in a flower overlap in an almost random way. Flowers normally have an odd number of petals from five to seven - and so on.

Now get out your pencils and sketchbook (use HB for guidelines) and copy this flower. Get the basic shapes in - and when you have finished, upload it on this site!

Jollyon Hooley
Santa Barbara CA

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