Drawings of Flowers

by Dawn Robbin-Smith
(British Columbia)

Drawings of Flowers

Drawings of Flowers

Here is a rough pencil sketch which comes from my notebook "drawings of flowers."

I am rather fond of flowers as they do not judge me if it is not a good drawing. My dog does not judge me either as long as I give her a fabulous giblet meal.

Flowers are Nature's way of rewarding us with their colorful beauty. That's why I like to draw them.

With this particular drawing I've put it through a Photoshop filter to try and enhance it - make it look really cool. Okay, so it has not worked the way I thought.

This is the second time I've been on this site and I've learnt quite a bit. Some of the drawings are very good and some terrible! Sorry, but this is my opinion.

Dawn Robbin-Smith

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