Guardian Angel Drawings

How To Draw Them Simply

Guardian Angel Drawing in Pastel ColorsGuardian Angel Drawing in Pastel Colors

Your angel may be best defined by the drawings of a guardian angels to bring your artwork to life.

However, not all drawings of guardian angels reflect one another, as the art form has evolved over time and passed through many cultures that represent their own ideals about angels.

The core of your angels art project is to learn how to draw these angels. This feature is the focal point that will separate your angel drawing from traditional fairy images and best communicate the type of angel you wish to draw.

Mythical Guardian Angels
A large part of historical art and angel images come from Greek and Roman mythology.

Drawing these kinds of angels makes the process easier for the beginner to learn how to use space, dimension and accent with simple facial features. However, the Biblical angel may be ranked as an advanced art project due to the human-like features and careful attention to detail.

The Guardian Cherub Angel is the most common angel artwork, has been used for commercial purposes like greeting cards, and has become a favorite face at Valentine's Day. The classic angel is a naked baby angel with these standard features, these are easy to draw rather than the classic guardian angels painted by the old masters:

  • Plump Face and Body
  • Cupid's Arrow
  • Lofty Clouds
  • Mature Face With A Baby's Body

Learning To Draw Guardian Angels
Whether you opt for the cartoon version, a classical type angel or want to try your hand at the Biblical angel, the wings are the defining point. Notice that an angel's wings run vertically almost the entire length of the body, from an outward swoop behind the head into a flowing edge below the knees.

Although there are no real reasons for the over-emphasized wings, we might assume the wings to follow the aerodynamics of an aircraft of lift versus drag. So, in like manner, the over-sized wings of an angel should be large enough to power the creature like the wings on a jumbo jet.

Freehand Swing
Many people new to the art scene will draw with their elbow and forearm resting on a flat surface. This is not the correct way to start and a bad habit to get into. If you want to become good at art, sooner or later, you are going to have to learn how to fly. This means drawing on a almost vertical board which may be a little difficult to start off with as you have been drawing on a flat surface, right?

Have a look at a few videos on YouTube and you will notice the pros are drawing on a board from 45 degree angle to almost vertical. There is a good reason for this. You perspective goes out the window and your drawing suffers if you draw with your paper lying flat.

Start Practicing First, Warm Up a Little
Your hand, wrist and arm must be fluid to get a good drawing. So try these basic exercises first on a large sheet of paper, use the cheap newsprint.

  • Draw oval or round shapes with one continuous swing of your arm, fill the whole page
  • Next try elongated ovals like the shape of a football (hey, are you using your whole arm?)
  • Follow with this exercise: draw nothing but straight lines from the top of your paper to the bottom
  • Now do this exercise horizontally—from side to side – are you working those arm muscles?

There are many exercises you can do to "loosen up" to create more effective drawings—this goes for any type of drawing, from drawings of guardian angels to drawing animals. It is worth putting in a little effort to get a good result!

The best way is to cut loose and try the free arm swing is to practice on a large vertical surface where your arm cannot go to rest. A wall mounted chalkboard is ideal to get the feel of free motion.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be astounded at what your new motor skills can do. Drawing guardian angels is a great starter course to rise to the next level and let your arm muscles carry out the vision in your head.

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Guardian Angels