Drawings of Hearts

For That Special Love

This is not a page about "How-To" drawings of hearts but rather a gallery of heart drawings for your pleasure in designing your own or copying.

We are talking here about romantic love hearts, not a blood pumping machine! There is a variety in this gallery of heart designs going from early history to present time—so get cracking and design something great for your lover! The choice is wide. 

There is an abundance of heart drawings online to choose from and some where you can explore your imagination by adding, modifying or just coloring in to suit your needs.

The collection of valentine-type drawings here consists of cartoons, cherubs, angels, basic heart shapes to modify, religious artifacts, romantic drawings from the Middle Ages, symbols of love, couples in love, cupids shooting arrows everywhere and a plethora of other goodies.

Honestly, don't most feelings or emotions come from the heart? Not just being in love—but feelings of sadness, remorse, suffering loss or even "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" That would be from the heart, right? Or even worse this "Quote from Wiki."

"Lothario was the unscrupulous seducer of women in the play "The Impertinent Curiosity" which basically was a story within Don Quixote." The women were outraged and rightly so and right from the heart! This was way back a few hundred years ago.

These heart designs go back before history began, well almost, where even in those days you can find illustrations of cupid and angels for lovers of that time period.

Cupid, which means desire and also known as Amor, is found in much classical Greek art, especially sculpture, Cupid for some unknown reason is portrayed as a chubby baby and if you get shot by one of his arrows, you become overwhelmed with desire. Wow, quite pleasurable to be shot by Cupid!

Tattoo heart designs are quite big on the internet with lovers rushing to get their soul mate’s name on their arm. Next week the love is switched off and your ex-lovers name has to be erased. There are some good examples of tattoo art further down this page.

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