Drawings of Roses 

 Made Easy For Your First Sketch

When you see drawings of roses, you may feel a great desire to draw roses yourself but at the same time feel a tad intimidated attempting to do so because of its apparent complexity.

You shouldn’t be discouraged, because if you take it step by easy step, you should be able to make a beautiful graphite rendering of those beautiful flowers.

Before grabbing your pencil, take a look at clear pictures of roses to observe their petal formation and, if you can, examine real roses physically! As they say, magic is in the details.

If you take a careful look at them, you will notice that (among other things) roses commonly have layers of overlapping petals—probably a reason why drawing them seems difficult, they have five sepals usually, and their leaves have toothed edges. These details are important in making your drawings realistic.

Once you’re confident that you have the images of roses committed to memory, you can now start drawing. The steps that will follow are for drawings of roses in bloom, from the flowers down to the stems.

  • Create an outline
    Begin by drawing circles—these will serve as your outline for the flowers, and then draw long slightly curved lines for the stems. Finally, add the outlines of leaves by drawing arcs.
  • Sketching the petals
    Go to one of the circles and draw the first layer of petals. It’s easier if you work your way from the bottom up. Remember how petals curl a bit outward at the tip.
  • Sketch the sepals
    Take into account that sepals are small leaves that appear to support the flower, and that they are elongated and pointy.
  • Sketching the stems
    Here you have to keep in mind that the stems are not smoothly straight and evenly thick. After drawing the stems, add those things so famously associated with roses—thorns.
  • Sketch the leaves
    As we said a while back, the leaves should be serrated. Once you’ve drawn the leaves, add the veins.
  • Shade
    Now we’re on to the part where your pencil drawings of roses will fully come to life. Since you’re using graphite here, there won’t be colors to make your red roses jump out. But the right shading can just as well give depth to your image.
  • It’s advisable to have a picture of roses with you to clearly see how the shading is supposed to be. When shading, it is always safer if you shade lightly first then gradually make it darker whenever necessary.

Watch This Clip For Floral Designs

Try your hand at drawing some of these roses below.

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