Drawings of Scorpions

And Other Creepy-Crawlies

If you are a scorpion fan you'll know there are over 1700 species of these venomous creatures—all of them carrying a stinger—but only 25 of these invertebrates are deadly to humans. Unless you know these 25 I would not play around with them!

On this scorpio page we'll show you a variety of these scorpies which vary in size and shape. Fortunately for us humans they are photophobic (meaning they are quite sensitive to light) and therefore love a little shade.

They use their venom to paralyze their prey but interestingly they only ingest food in liquid form—no solids here please! Believe it or not, they have an external digestive system unlike most other invertebrates.

Their mating ritual consists of dancing around for an hour or two followed by a little kissing. Yes, it is true. The female, after the mating is over, will sometimes cannibalize the male! Yeah, it is not quite right when he has worked so hard at it.

Follow along with this creature and get to know his ways.

Copy these scorpion drawings in your sketchbook and make them more frightening. If you have any of your own sketches or drawings of scorpions, do please showcase them here—especially if they look ominous where they love to battle it out with barrel spiders! (See scorpion fight barrel spider below...guess who usually wins the fight)

Who is going to be the winner here? My money is on the Scorpio

Drawings of Scorpions And Other Venomous Invertebrates

Drawing these creatures will give you a good idea of their structure and habits. For instance, can you believe they like to get involved in a little romance? Kissing and cuddling prior to mating is a must but I sure I don't know how they manage it!

You've probably hear the story of the scorpion and the frog crossing the river? Basically you don't trust a scorpion which is from the mouth of the frog. It's a silly story really but one of trust.

Looks menacing doesn't he? Don't mess with him!
Here is his bigger brother just waiting

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Copyright 2018 © All Rights Reserved


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We'be put him on the sideline here as he is quite venomouse!
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