Dutch Art We Can All Learn From

by Anthony van Dycke

Portrait of Pieter Bruegel

Portrait of Pieter Bruegel

Dutch Art We Can All Learn From - and Adjacent Flemish art.

Dutch art probably evokes in your mind "still Life studies, kitchen scenes with mother baking, brownish landscapes and 17th Century gentry in their wonderful guilds!

We must not leave out bourgeois ladies with all their refinery!

You probably remember Jan van Eyek, Rembrandt, Rubens and one or two other well-known artists. Dutch art is really based on "the art of painting." These artists mentioned here were true masters of their sketches and drawings.

If you study the drawings you will notice a directness and variety in their work which gives us a vivid look into the lifestyle of ordinary people living there during some really tough times.

One of my favorite artists was Rubens. He was undoubtedly the focal point in the Flemish School. His skill as an artist and his capacity to work with his drawing and painting was stellar! So he had a large band of followers.

I've not mentioned Rembrandt who was essentially a true master of his craft. I was thinking of writing up an essay on Rembrandt's drawings because I feel we can learn much from this master!

Anthony van Dycke

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