Eagle Drawings:

Not as Difficult as You May Think

Eagle Drawings

Bald Eagle

Eagle drawings grab more eyeballs than rabbit, crow or cow sketches, and it’s not difficult to imagine why. We’re not being condescending on rabbits, cows or crows, it’s just that eagles are so majestic that it is impossible to ignore them, whether in flesh or in drawings.

Who doesn’t admire the flight of an eagle soaring in the sky? How many would love to capture this on paper? Many, for sure, and we’re not talking only about kids here. You don’t need Picasso’s talent to draw an eagle. Here’s how you can get started.

Eagle Drawings

An eagle sketch in less than an hour for you to draw.

Sketching the body parts:
Draw an oval shape positioned diagonally on paper – this is the head. Next comes the torso – this is again an oval around the head, but bigger, broader and extending in a long shape at the bottom.

Around the torso, draw large wings with long and loose pencil strokes. Make the edges of the wings slightly pointy. After this, draw two legs under the torso. The size of the legs is roughly a little more than the size of the head. Next come the claws – draw two small arms first and then four fingers at the end of each arm. Spiked claws coming out of each finger will give you the eagle’s talons.

The tail is the final body part – shape it like one quarter of a pizza. It should extend slightly below the eagle’s claws. 

Adding the details:
An important part of eagle drawings is getting the beak right. Make the beak hooked and pointy at the end like Grandma's nose; it shouldn’t be too long or too short, a little more than half the length of the head should do just fine. Add a sharp and piercing eye for effect and then draw feathers around the head.

To fill in the wing details, you can use a combination of arrow shapes and U’s connected to one another. Draw these details continuously from the torso to the edge of the wings. If you want to add greater effect to your eagle drawings, draw some spikes along the edges of the eagle’s legs to make them look bristly.

Some quick eagle facts

  • A bald eagle can carry and fly with up to 8 pounds of food
  • Bald eagles are quite picky about their migratory locations; so much so that they always migrate to the same spots, irrespective of whether they’re flying south or north.
  • Adult eagles are great parents, often staying close to their nesting territory to take good care of young ones.
  • Unverified information #1: So powerful is the strike of an eagle’s talon that its total force is twice that of a rifle bullet.
  • Unverified information #2: Even an airplane’s wings are no match to the strength of an eagle’s feathers. 

Eagle drawings
Eagle Drawings

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