Easy Christmas Drawings

How To Get Them Looking Great!

Cats Singing Christmas CarolsCats Singing Christmas Carols

A glass of milk and some cookies for Santa when he comes down the chimney—bless him! The Christmas tree is all decorated and shiny, full of gifts and yuletide goodies. The carol singer are pouring out their souls to bring you good tidings!

Big knitted stockings gracing the fireplace--with Frosty the Snowman chilling out in the front yard. Is there anything else left to do? Nah! You don't have to go from nice to naughty—‘Tis the season to be jolly! These easy Christmas drawings are perfect for a great time with your family.

What have you asked Santa for this Christmas? A bicycle? A puppy? A 50-inch TV for your Playstation or Xbox? You will need to be especially nice for that last one.

You see, Santa's hair grows whiter than ever each year because the kids ask for more and more expensive toys come holiday season. The elves, master toy-makers as they are, must sometimes disguise themselves as employees to learn how to make famous electronic gadgets all the kids are asking for. Some of them loved working with circuits and electronics so much that they applied for  part-time jobs!

Children Watching All The FunChildren Watching All The Fun
Jack in the Box Having funJack-in-the-Box Having Fun

Have you ever wondered how the reindeers could carry Santa and his huge bag of presents in their flying sleigh? What a job they must have, zooming 'round the world, faster than the fastest jet to deliver gifts to all the children! How many speed limit zones did they break, and how many speeding tickets did they get? Imagine good old Santa, fidgeting and nervously sweating in his enormous red hat, his bright red Santa suit and his big, shiny black boots, saying "But Mr. Officer! I wasn't flying that fast!"

Child Playing With SantaChild Playing With Santa
Group singing Christmas CarolsGroup singing Christmas Carols

Don't you worry, because at the end of the day, it's all good. Santa has worked hard to keep his weight down by exercising (besides, he needs to be able to fit into all types of chimneys!) and gives his reindeer a big bonus after a job well done. The elves are happy that their presents are delivered, and they all have the next day off, relaxing and having the biggest north pole party you've ever seen!

These easy Christmas drawings are great for the young artist or parents who wish to brighten their holidays season with style. Just follow the straight lines, the loopy curves and voila! Instant sketches that can be used in a variety of ways.

Children watching the time for ChristmasChildren watching the time for Christmas
Christmas BellsChristmas Bells

Give grandma and grandpa a personalized Christmas card from their favorite nephew or niece, complete with greetings and a family picture attached. The kids can also color them in shades of red and green, in whatever coloring medium they like! Make it sloppy or make it neat- it's sure to be a hit with the grandparents.

Santa With PresentsSanta With Presents
Santa With Christmas LightsSanta With Christmas Lights

You may also use these illustrations as cut-out decorations hanging on your Christmas tree, sticking on the living room wall, or dangling on the front door. Simply draw them with a black marker (or pencil, for kids), then cut the outline with a pair of safety scissors. Choose your coloring medium, and paint them in with beautiful, bright colors of the holiday season. Make them large for games like pin the donkey's tail, or make them small and stick them on presents as a cute greeting card.

Happy Christmas Santa!

Santa With Christmas TreeSanta With Christmas Tree
Santa Feeling the Chill of the Arctic CircleSanta Feeling the Chill of the Arctic Circle

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