Easy Drawing
For Absolute Beginners

This is a Must-Read if You Are Taking Your First Steps in Drawing

If you are an absolute beginner and have never picked up a pencil in your life—then this is the place to start! 

Lots of people love the idea of creating great drawings, draw one or two images and then give up.

If the basic fundamentals are not in place then prospective artists give up after one attempt. I want to say emphatically,  it is not easy going in the very early stages. You do several drawings which you believe are terrible and give up.

Why? The basics are missing.

To create good quality drawings requires the knowledge of hundreds if not thousands of the basics in place which must be known if you want to succeed. Believe me, this is no casual “walk-in-the park” but hours and hours of dedication, practicing, tossing 100’s of your sketches in the trash can.

This is soul-destroying for many aspiring artists and so they throw in the sponge, make excuses and give up.

Don’t give up, just get a few basics under your belt and start making lines into animated drawings. Look, it is relatively easy if you start drawing with a few lines to represent an oval egg-shape cartoon face, either a human or animal face and then add details later.

So let’s start off with a basic shape for a cartoon head, nothing fancy for this oval head-shape, draw an oval with ONE SWEEP of the hand and wrist to get your head-outline in place. Do not complicate this basic outline or try and touch it up by drawing more lines. A good drawing is done with one singular hand and wrist movement.

See video clip here. It is important to know that too many lines drawn—instead of ONE SINGLE LINE, makes your drawing look messy. Too many lines is the hallmark of the amateur. Why draw several lines when one will do?

As you study the basics cartoon-like forms,  notice they are elementary—they are not complex in any way.

These are the basic shapes for all cartoons; oval, cone-shape, square and triangle. . . you do not need any other shape as you progress in your drawing. Notice in the video clip how simple these shapes are and the ease of drawing them.

Most cartoons are easy to draw where you can quite simply copy them and re-draw them to your own style. There is a ton of free drawing lessons for beginner-cartoonists on the internet, most of them are good.

A fledgling artist beginning their career, will find a good place to develop their later creations and branch off into portrait painting or other genres of art. Most beginner artists are usually invalidated by their peers and friends, therefore, learning where to start on simple cartoons will inspire you to develop your artistic skills. Even the old masters started at the beginning so if you are floundering, turn back to these basics and surge forward one step at a time.

It is apparently quite difficult for beginners to draw cartoon faces so starting with these basics of drawing and cartoon sketches will give you the incentive to be creative with your pencils.

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