Easy Drawings For Me To Master

by Jon Saqarra
(Santa Monica)

Xantus Bird

Xantus Bird

Easy drawings for me have been the simple ones starting with cartoons then graduating to drawing portraits in pencil.

I started off with drawing boxes randomly scattered on the table top. The most difficult part of this drawing was getting the perspective right. It is simple enough with a single point perspective but when you have multiple vanishing points all sorts of complexities come into play.

Now it has become easy for me to draw the human figure because I get a "feel" for the basic interlocking forms—how one part fits into another.

Easy drawings for a beginner would be simple shapes like rectangles, squares, circles and ovals. I have found that most forms in my drawings and paintings fir nicely into any of these basic shapes.

I techniques I really like is to capture the human figure in various poses in about 30 seconds. Yes, it is that fast and therefore no time to fiddle or even think and so the charcoal drawings become quite spontaneous. If I was in teaching art, fast gesture drawing would be a priority!

Jon Saqarra

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Mar 13, 2012
Very Nice.
by: Taya Suzanne cross

Jon, Totally awesome.

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