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The Basic Shapes
 For Drawings

From an artists' point of view, what makes an easy drawing?

The answer is a "line drawing that can be drawn without fuss or sweat in a concise way." In other words, without a struggle to create a drawing you and friends are going to love.

To draw with ease does not come naturally for many people but YOU CAN make it easy if you put in just a little sweat.

Looking and seeing in the artist's world are two different things entirely. The dictionary kinda mixes these two words together. Looking is more like perceiving what is there before your eyes, whereas seeing you cannot perceive objects in 3D spaces -- it looks flat, not round. You've probably said to yourself "I've never noticed that before and I’ve been past here many times."

  • Therefore become aware of things in 3D space.
  • Sometimes we just don’t notice because we are thinking of other thing – and not focused on drawing.
  • You have to have a relaxed state-of-mind to be more aware.
  • The average person is usually only aware of five things in his or her environment at the same time.
  • Drawing a lot with practice nearly every day does increase your awareness and helps in other areas of your life.

All forms in nature and everyday life can be broken down into specific shapes. These include the square, (or cube) the cylinder, the cone, the circle (or oval/sphere). Everything is usually based within these four geometric shapes.

A simple exercise

Look around your room – or even if you are outside, and notice any object; can the object you have selected fit into any of these four shapes? Examples; a cup can fit into a cylinder, a matchbox would fit into a rectangle or a fridge. An ice-cream would be a good fit with a cone, or a balloon a circle/sphere, an egg into an ellipse/oval.

Getting to know these very basic shapes will immediately give you more confidence and make it easier with your drawing. The more you draw with keener observation, drawing will become uncomplicated and as simple as ABC.


See basics “Elements of Drawing.”          “Easy to Draw”

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