Easy Flower Sketches

Draw These Sketches in Easy Steps

Art Nouveau arrangement with flowersArt Nouveau Flowers in rectangle

There are many imaginative ways to draw flowers--you can either do realistic sketches of flowers using regular pencil in a black and white rendition complete with shading.--or do a playful take using color pencils to bring out their natural beauty and hue, all captured on paper.

Flowers are favorite subjects of the young at heart, as it resonates with their youth- vibrant, full of energy and romanticism. Flower sketches are great for practice drawing and for those looking to branch out in natural landscapes; flower drawings can also be given as simple presents for those who they fancy the most at the present. Be careful in gifting them, as each flower can mean something quite different when offered to someone else!

A small bunch of flowersEasy to Draw Flowers
A group of flowers for weddingHeart shapes built with flowers

Most simple flower sketches start off with a small circle or oval that acts as a stamen, and a larger circle or oval from where the petals must begin. Draw five radiating lines from the smaller circle, then draw some minor "S" shapes on the spaces between each radiating line. Fill in the rest of the details by placing the stem and leaves, then erase the rough outlines drawn earlier to complete your flower sketch. Drawing sketches of flowers will be easier if you follow these simple steps.

lovely arrangment of flowers with ribbonFlowers arranged with ribbon

Below are some more common methods of drawing the most well-known flowers around.

How To Sketch A Stemmed Rose

Start the sketch with the flower petals by drawing three successive "U" shapes, with each succeeding curve a bit bigger than the one above it. Draw a curvy vertical line below the U shapes and add one leaf to either the left or right side. Carefully begin on the smallest U shape and fashion a rose petal just on the cusp of the bloom. The petals should be overlapping each other as you work your pencil downwards. If you want a more detailed drawing, you may add more petals into the rose, or even add thorns on the stem and the leaf.

How To Sketch A Daisy

Start by drawing a small outline of a small circle and follow it up with a bigger circle surrounding it, forming a disc. The middle circle should be the middle of the daisy sketch- start drawing a propeller shape—when you draw a propeller, you draw another one in the opposite side. Draw about 8 propeller shapes, then continue to fill the petals in the background until they look similar to a daisy. Finish it up by coloring in the daisy with crayons or watercolor.

How To Sketch A Sunflower

Start the sketch by tracing an outline of a small circle with a bigger circle surrounding it (it should look like a disc). Draw a slightly wavy line for the stem and leaves on the side.

The petals are slightly elongated heart shapes which should begin at the smaller circle, with the pointed ends finishing at the larger circle. Draw as many sunflower petals to fill the circles in, then draw slanted lines and crisscross them to define the sunflower's middle.

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