Simple Flowers to Draw

Learn To Sketch
These Simple Flowers

So what would be easy flowers to draw? I’d suggest flowers with simple petals like cosmos (Rosa Rubiginosa) which only has five petals.

These are five interlocking circles (see illustration and video here below) these circles are usually flat. A rose petal can be quite complicated so we’re going to keep this as simple as possible here. If you finish all these exercises you’ll be able to master these quite easily.

Start By Practicing
These circles Freehand

The first step if you are a beginner, is to practice drawing a few circles like these doodles. This will help you gain confidence and increase your skill levels. Start here.

The basic key here is NOT TO FIDDLE with what you have drawn. You draw a circle and leave it—do not go over the lines you have already drawn. This is a big mistake beginners make and is a sure sign of a grade 2 artist. (Okay, some grade 2’s are quite talented).

Practice drawing your circle as rapidly as possible then your lines will show CONFIDENCE. It does not matter a hoot if it does not quite look right for you. Who else is going to see it anyway? If you are not happy with it, scrap and start again.

Practice Drawing These
Basic Flower Shapes

Easy Drawings For You To Master

Take a peek at some of the really old masters of drawing like Leonardo, Durer, Rubins and others – see how many "rough" sketches they tried before getting it "just right." You do the same until you are satisfied.

You now have a whole page of doodle circles so let's proceed to get in some basic flower shapes like these on the left here.

Your  practice runs must be "scribbles" or "doodles" and do not think "it does not look right" —it is correct as YOU have created it in your own handwriting so give yourself a WIN!

Watch this Video Clip on Drawings of Flowers

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