Easy to Draw Flowers

by Jon Saqarra
(Mount Heliotrobus)

It is fairly easy to draw flowers as they all (well nearly all conform to basic shapes where everything emanates from a single core--the stem.

I will drop a video clip down below here to give you an idea and, if I can get a good drawing, I'll post it below to give you an idea.

Flowers and nature are the most drawn of all things because they are simple, easy and you do not have to worry about perspective and showing "deep space" which is part of perpective where everything vanishes when it reaches the horizon line (where the sky and land are divided in the distance.

With your flowers, start off with a five petal as it is the most common one and usually in abundance. You might think that a rose is complex but it really is not, check out the video to see how easy it really is.

If you are really stuck, have a look in the archives here and find a lesson I put in about how to look and see things as they are. You only have to know a few rules.

As below, the first thing you have to draw freehand is a circle--do this with one sweep of your hand and wrist. Then place a dot in the center and emanate five lines outwards. See the clip and it will all fit in.

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