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Graffiti Wall Art

There are no rules to follow which makes it is easy to draw graffiti. You've probably seen many walls around the world from NYC to London, Johannesburg to Timbuktu—that have been plastered with graffiti. That means nearly everyone can get involved with this new form of wall art, anyone. So that means you.

Graffiti is a sort of self expression and that is what makes it interesting. All your past experiences, good or bad, come into play and that includes your thoughts and knowledge as you paint freestyle.

A big plus (unless you are feint of heart) is you have this massive wall 100's feet long that's not been discovered by any other artist. This is YOUR virgin wall and it looks delicious, it reduces all your inhibitions and gives you this feeling of freedom to be creative.

As the door is wide open with no restrictions (okay, you've cleared it with the local authorities) you can now let your imagination run wild. This is a great feeling hard to express in words as one idea morphs into another but the basic idea is forming in the back of your mind.

The newbies may not know they don't have to be restricted by balloon-type fonts, there are zillions of them to choose from but why copy something that has been done for decades? OK, so you're gonna create your own original font. Right? You don't have to stick to one type of font for your massive wall, try several that fit in with your main one.

So what about images? Images always attract more attention than text, you know that. Large images of course create quite an impact even if the artwork is not so cool. See some of the images below to get your imagination into gear.

One of the important things to note in graffiti is to stand well back from your painting—to see it as the general public do. It should also be viewed at a distance from the side. As you progress with your graffiti painting, stand well back again and half close your eyes (or squint) to see if you get an overall "cohesion" in your design. Another trick I use is to take along with me a large mirror and by viewing the mirror-image, all the faults show up—especially with the very large images.

If you want your wall painting to last a long time, use quality acrylic paint, some cheaper paints do fade rapidly after a few years—we don't want that to happen do we?

And of course you have to prep your wall (Yikes! A hundred feet of it!) with a clean painting surface unless you are lucky to find a nice clean wall.

If you are painting a large area say 50 ft – 75 ft you will need a spray gun which means you'll need power or an air supply line. You might be able to purchase a cordless (battery) spray gun but these are not very good and clog up frequently. They are okay to start off with but if you want to get some really great effects get a power unit with an air compressor.

With all the graffiti artists around the world—there must be millions;—please write some comments to me (on the contact page please) and I will publish them here. Let me know how easy to draw graffiti is for you!

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