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No, We’re Serious! It Really is Easy to Draw!

Yes Virginia, it is indeed Easy to Draw; and before you kick us in the shins and scream out the word "Liar!" in an indignant, downright agitated voice, do allow us to explain.

Inspiration and desire are the keys to creativity. So if you see a beautiful object, image or even a person that inspires you, this inspiration will no doubt lead to a spurt of creativity; making it Easy to Draw your chosen subject.

Once you have chosen that special focus of your big creative project, the next step is to hone and develop the creative technique that will turn inspiration into reality. Just keep in mind that, once you learn to draw some basic lines and shapes and put them together to create different patterns and images, just about anything will be Easy to Draw.

Here are some handy dandy suggestions to help you along the way:

  • While arranging your school schedule for next semester, be sure to choose an art class that will provide you valuable instruction about the basics of drawing and artistic composition. In this course, you should be able to learn about and practice the basics of design, which include lines, shading, shapes, detail, etc.
  •  The qualified teacher will challenge you to complete a variety of assignments that will both expand your imagination and enhance your level of skill. Perhaps you could even do your imagined project for a grade in the class, and display it later at a scholastic art show.
  • Check out additional art classes, seminars and day camps in your area. You might find that it’s a lot of fun to devote your evenings, weekends, or even an entire summer to the pursuit and development of your new artistic passion. Just make sure you pick a challenging, comprehensive class taught by a seasoned professional; this person could be a working artist, or a licensed arts instructor. It might cost a bit of money to enroll, but the experience and knowledge you gain from this educational session will be well worth it.
  • Investigate some online tutorials and programs designed to instruct you in the process of illustration. These could be free, very informative websites (like, we dunno, maybe this one?!) which teach you how to draw, or perhaps some prepackaged computer programs and graphic design software (such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator) that—with the use of some simply learned prompts and commands—basically take your ideas and make them come alive on your screen. Let's hear it for modern technology! Yeah!

    Granted, the prospect of coming up with an artistic masterpiece may seem intimidating at first. So don't try to draw a masterpiece; instead draw your dreams. Most importantly, have fun!

    And did you know you can get paid to draw your favorite subject, yeah!

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