Eleanor Roosevelt Portrait Drawing

by Jesmond Lafayette

Eleanor Roosevelt Portrait

Eleanor Roosevelt Portrait

Hello Artists, This is a sort of blog about my drawings. I hope you find it interesting.

I sketched this portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt a few years back as I did with many other politician of that era. My target was to put together a portfolio of celebrities to enable me to create top line drawings and paintings for the publishing houses; i.e. The Nation, The New Yorker, NY Times, Washington Post and many others.

As you may know, these top mags and newspapers pay top dollar for really good work. For full color you can earn in excess of $2,000 for one illustration so I thought it worthwhile to develop my drawing skills.

Over the past decade I've done many illustrations for Sports Illustrated and other mags but my basic problem which I have to tell you about is that there was far too much pressure put on me to get the work finished the next day...then the editors may want to make changes (always) and gave me another 6 hours to complete it.

That's why I now have thousands of rough sketches. Most of them now have been discarded. Some of them I'd like to showcase on this site to show you how I really did struggle in those early days.

You'd think it was a masterpiece but other people thought it rubbish. Have you ever noticed in the New Yorker how crude some of the cartoons and illustration - like they've been done by a 5th grader!

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