Elements of Drawing Contour Shapes

by Bernard Morrison

The Five Basic Elements of Drawing

The Five Basic Elements of Drawing

These would consists of the edges of the objects you wish to draw and the negative space between them.

Here they are with tribute to Mona Brookes who helped children and parents alike how to draw effectively:

Circle: including a dot, oval and ellipse (outline only)
Circle: As all the above with fill;
Lines: Thick or thin, multiple lines;
Curved Lines: U-shape, reverse U-shape and spiral;
Angle: /\ triangle and V

You can spot one or more of these five elements in any drawing.

There is an infinite number of exercises you can draw using these five elements. (These are not to be confused with the square, rectangle, cone, circle and oval) and not used in these exercises.

Look at the visual form of the object you wish to draw and spot one or more components on the five elements.

Some artists look at their completed drawings and use their imagination to add or delete one or more element to arrive at quite an original work of art.

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