Knowing The
Elements of Drawing USA

Can put you in good standing
with the professionals

If you know the basics of drawing -- or fundamentals, same thing really--you should have moved up a notch or two and moved off the spot of being a complete novice. Have you?

I am a little horrified when I see you have uploaded your drawings and find them horribly out-perspective (no perspective at all or wrong) which could have been very good if you knew the simple basics of perspective.

Knowing a little about perspective can make a big difference in drawing and painting from something amateurish to a professional drawing.

Many of you get this all wrong and yet it is so simple to understand. You can have a one-point perspective or a two-point perspective or as many as you like. If you are standing in the middle of a railway track and looking towards the horizon line, you will notice the point on the horizon line vanishes. That is a one-point perspective.

Whether you are drawing landscapes or portraits you have to be aware of perspectives and how they can give your drawing a more realistic rendition.

Perhaps it is not your intention to be really good at drawing and sketching? Maybe you only like it as a hobby? Well, that’s okay—and gives you pleasure when you have created a nice drawing?

Knowing the elements of drawing will add more pleasure and fun and you will become aware of other nuances that will improve your pencil skills.

What is talent? Has this got anything to do with the basics of drawing?

Definitely NO! Talent is where your creative side kicks in BUT talent will grow when you master more of the basics of drawing.

You will find many tutorials here on how to draw anything like a master.  

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