Enquiry as a Means of gathering Drawing Information.

by Jollyon Hooley

Tree Drawings

Tree Drawings

This has been a long-term practice in academia for a long time. The primary objective involved is an attempt to record impressions and basic properties of objects or things.

These are ways of exploring and finding meaningful abstract forms and shapes. Of course all these exercises are subjective and exclusively yours. So keep good notes when recording in your sketch book.

In my early drawing studies I was quite careless and did not give a hoot about keeping them in an chronological order to measure my progress. I wish I had. So keep good records when studying forms and keep them in chronological order – date each page!

It is difficult to imagine drawings by established artists in which these factors are not taken care of. Searching for the basic structure can be quite challenging especially when drawing the human figure.

The more you persist in searching either subjectively of objectively—the more your skills will develop and take you up to the next level.

Visual recording is often referred to as “sketching” which gives the wrong connotation “as done hastily” and without care and attention or without careful observation.

One of the primary lessons to learn is that no valid drawing can be done without feelings, emotions and a good deal of thought!

I hope this helps!

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