Ever Tried To Sell Your Art on Ebay?

by Grant Robertson

Masked Man

Masked Man

Many moons ago - or to be exact, it was 2006 when I started to sell my artwork on Ebay.

What a wonderful place to start a career when you have all the right data there to produce exactly when your target market wants.

You search Ebay's data base for the style of art you like to paint. That would include the size of your painting, the color, the genre, the price the style and much more data -- and this does not take much of your time - so you can find out exactly what is wanted.

Your final check would be what paintings that are listed have bids? Lots of 'em or none? This is also a great clue on the popularity of the painting.

I actually sold 100's of oil and acrylic paintings over about 3 years. The major pain was getting them wrapped well and secure for all areas on planet Earth - main countries were Europe, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

It usually cost me more for the packaging than the paintings.

Things changed with Ebay Corporation. They raised their listing fees from about $3 in the early days to over $20 when I dumped Ebay. Look, I enjoyed painting but not working for Ebay.

Pricing and marketing have changed a lot over the years - in fact, two decades. So it is worth checking out.

Written by Grant Robertson
July 12 2017

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