Evil Joker Drawings

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The Evil Joker With a snide smileThe Evil Joker With a snide smile

Evil Joker Drawings

Evil joker drawings can be a real hoot to draw, especially if you create one that is scary. Hey, most of those you see on Google images are not scary and perhaps a babe-in-arms would just smile at them!

Why do most of us have a fascination for evil drawings? Maybe we've had too many bad dreams or seen too many movies where the antagonist is truly evil as in the Evil Queen, Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars) or the movie The Exorcist.

Ever seen some of these evil clown tattoos on macho men? Do you think this is to show some form of dominance as you get with lions in their pride?

Evil joker drawings are relatively easy to draw. Get to know what makes a face—any face—sinister-looking. It's all in the expression of each facial feature from piercing eyes, the razor-sharp teeth, the exaggerated clown eyebrows—and a coldness which you can master purely with the right color choices.

There are no rules to follow which makes it is easy to draw graffiti. You've probably seen many walls around the world from NYC to London, Johannesburg to Timbuktu—that have been plastered with graffiti. That means nearly everyone can get involved with this new form of wall art, anyone. So that means you.

The eye shadow is also important in capturing an evil look which goes from the lids to a few inches ABOVE the eyebrow as in most clowns.

The nose can be drawn with a simple round shape because these sinister clowns know that most people just love their red noses.

Lip shapes are next to the eyes as far as being expressive, and a menacing grin will sometimes do the trick. (See the drawings further down the page for different shapes.) With the lips slightly parted you'll see those horrendous teeth which would make "Jaws" envious.

The hair is usually pretty disgusting in color and how it flops all over the place, but it is simple to draw with only squiggly lines going in all directions.

Tips on drawing a little evil here and there

  • Make the eyes piercing and dark
  • Extend the eye-shadow above the normal eyebrow
  • Make the nose a roundish blob (as if it is a fake plastic one)
  • The lips should be curved upwards from the bottom, then slightly down at the ends
  • Teeth are usually white as if he's just come from his oral hygienist
  • The hair can be anything that looks like it has never had a comb through it
  • Dress? Your choice but anything loose-looking, or ill-fitting will work well, make it colorful and cheesy!

The Court Jester - a friend of the Evil ClownThe Court Jester - a friend of the Evil Clown

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Also a brother of the evil jokerAlso a brother of the evil joker - the evil clown

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