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Evil Skull DrawingsEvil Skull Drawings With Sharp Teeth

Evil Skull drawings can be found in medieval times and well beyond.

There is some sort of fascination for this dark form of art and seems to be popular among the tattoo artists. You'll find a big collection of this genre on DeviantArt, some of it morbid and some macabre.

Much of this so-called art represents mythical nonsense and some of it spiritual hogwash. A skull does not have to be "evil" as it is only our thoughts or nightmares making it so. A skull being a hollow bone with gaping eye-holes—that's about it, with absolutely no life in it at all—so realistically it should not be scary at all. Right? 

For some reason, kids between the ages of eight and early teens are spellbound by dark art, Gothic art, vampires, zombies, monsters and all that is related.

How to draw evil skull drawings is fairly simple. There is a vast collection on Google images from well-drawn stuff to gross amateurism. You can learn a lot from copying some of these images, (most of the 'old masters' copied fast and furious so don't sweat about it.)

If you want to try your hand at drawing skulls try this: draw an oval for the head and two black holes for the eye sockets, a triangle shape for the non-existent nose hole, a few vertical lines to represent the teeth—and you're done! If you want to get really good, use three or four values (or shading which is the lightness or darkness of a color.)

To start, draw nice and easy with a loose sketchy style, and try not to be perfect (there's no such thing as perfection in art.) I keep 9 inch by 12 inch ring-bound sketchbooks for creating rough drawings which are really imperfect and loose. These are really useful for getting basic ideas for future drawings. My sketches go back several decades on a large variety of subjects and were originally created as preliminaries for oil paintings.

Fast and loose drawing is the key. Tight overworked drawings tend to be stiff and lifeless. Much can be learned from artists such as Durer, Rembrandt and other masters, They certainly knew how to draw skulls!

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