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fairy-sketches light and delicateFairy-sketches light and delicate

A lot of people are interested in fairy sketches but some of them don’t know where to start. Peter Pan, Winx Club, even Avatar, they all have something in common—a fairy.

I'm going to presume that you are either a kid who is into fairies and sorcerers, or an adult who is trying to re-live his much more exciting younger years (I’m kidding). Whatever your reason's here's a little help in creating your beautiful fairy.

There are no restrictions and guidelines to sketching. They say “constant practice makes one do things perfect” (I insist it will be in this case). So what’s the best way to start with your fairy sketches? Your guess is probably as good as mine, taking the human form. So grab a pencil, sheets of papers and lots of erasers (yes, you heard it right!) so we can get things started.

Fairy sketches have three basic components; head, body and wings. If you have other ideas we’ll talk about it some other time. Let’s move along.

Fairy Head and Face

Eyes: the key to good expressions

Take the almond shape or a football as your guide then include variations on the edges. Once you have drawn the eyes, you now can draw eyebrows. The arched eyebrows are the most common, so see what fits the eyes you sketch to create a better character. Bigger eyes are common among fairies so go for bigger shapes.

Lips: they can often bring a smile
The simplest way to draw a lip is to draw a horizontal line a few inches away from the eyes. Then draw an oval encircling the horizontal line. Proceed on the edges until you get the desired shape you want. Don’t be timid, erasures are keys to perfection.

Ears: they can also be expressive
Start drawing a normal ear then work on the edges until you get your desired shape, ears can be pointed or flat or similar to the Hobbits.

Keep the eraser handy since you’ll find it useful as well. Big or small, it’s your choice. You may consider adding some accessories like leaves or gems (earrings) to make it more interesting.

Experiment, there are no hard and fast rules about sketching fairies!

Hair: flowing or cool or punkish or...
Fairy hairs are usually fantastical so whether you want it short or long, add some foliage like leaves or gems (basic shapes like circles or triangles will do). The more hairs you sketch, the more ideas you’ll have so find a hair inspiration out of picture to give you better idea how to start.

Body: just part of the magic we love
Fairies are usually fit and slim with elaborate clothing. Your choice of clothing sketches will determine the overall form and shape of your sketches. Start with rough sketches then make the necessary adjustments. Like the hair, add some accessories from leaves to shapes.

Wings: helps our fairies to take flight
A butterfly’s wing will be your best guide to sketching the wings of your choice. Take a sample picture and sketch from it. Wings give your fairies personality. Flowers are usually good accessories but don’t limit yourself.

Remember, these are just basic guidelines to jump-start your sketches or drawings. All else depends on your creativity and imagination. As what most famous fairy-tales always say "Fairy-Tales do come true if they happen to you". So, let it happen.

Fairy with pink wings sitting on mushroomFairy with pink wings sitting on mushroom
Cartoon drawing of blue fairy with flowing dressCartoon drawing of blue fairy with flowing dress

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