Fashion Design Sketches

From Beginner to Professional

They say that food, shelter and clothing will never go out of business and the time has never been better for a career with fashion design sketches.

The fashion industry is always hungry for fresh ideas and a new concept for clothing from high-end garments to casual everyday wear. Men, women and children are voracious consumers of simple clothing off the racks to outrageous runway chic. However, no one gets anything until the fashion design sketches come to life from the mind of an artist.

Fashion Industry
Jumping on board in the garment industry is the ideal career path for the artist with a knack for fashion. This life long creative process will flow with the trends and wrap around the changing times. However, the skill for drawing fashion design sticks with the artist for life and can lead to a multitude of open doors and great pay. The independent fashion designers may work from home, take off when they feel like it and look forward to a dynamic income without boundaries or monetary caps.

Getting Started
The best way to get the feel for fashion design sketching is to roll up your sleeves and just do it. The early stages will give you the freedom and flexibility to explore your ideas without adhering to strict fashion sketching guidelines. Let your imagination flow and see what you can do.

Remember, that the predominate part of the clothing market will be for ordinary wear, and a solid foundation in fashion drawing skills will represent that segment of the industry. If you think you have a flair for gowns and wedding dresses, get busy and make your dream a reality.

Basics For Casual Wear
We all want clothing that is comfortable, flattering and set at the proper price point to fill up our closets. From sports wear to office casuals, the clothing industry needs your creative input to win the confidence from the consumers and make the sales.

Think about what you would wear, how much you would pay for it, the materials that are the most comfortable, and how the garment looks with a 360 degree turn. Looking good is not rocket science, however, we all need to have a fashion design expert that knows what we want and will make it happen. If you have some artistic skill, the first hurdle is out of the way. The next step is drawing practice until the art of fashion design takes over your creative mind and the fashion sketches become second nature.

How To Sketch Fashion Design
When you are ready to draw, you need to outline a human form with long limbs to best accentuate your designs. Your clothing designs should be drawn with motion either coming from the sketched model or a garment swishing in the air. Designs become flat and unimpressive when drawn from a full forward or side view on a model sketch without some animation. Your sketches will look great if the garment reflects the movement of the body and captures the mood you want to set.

Your first attempt should be done on a large pad that gives you plenty of room for detailing right down to the buttons.

Add color, experiment with patterns, and be sure to do the fashion sketch from both the front and back perspectives. From tiny toddler clothing to spectacular cocktail dresses, your ideas may go from the drawing board to the sales racks faster than you think. Fashion design is a great gig with a life long career with no retirement age, and most importantly, the entire planet needs you.

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