Fashion Sketches and Color

by Ashlee Bennet
(Battersea Park)

Fashion In Color and Portraits

Fashion In Color and Portraits

If you are an artist you must be quite aware of what colors can do to your portrait sitter who has specifically asked to wear her latest dress from a shop she purchased in a London fashion store.

Take a tip from me; do not accept any portrait painting commissions unless you know her well. Or, if they ask you to make her look 10 years younger, tell her you can't as you are going on vacation.

The problem in the fashion industry is, you are dealing with so-called experts who know little about color and the effects it has on all the other colors used to complete the outfit.

It takes a few years to throw colors together to make it look stunningly different.

There was one of my clients who wanted me to paint her in front of her new car so the dress matched and blended in but it is not the job I like to do. It is far too kitsch!

After a few years of trying to please all sorts of people, not only models but baby boomers with their grandkids, aged couples in their 90's who could not sit still in a wheelchair. These are a few of the things we artists have to put up with.

And, the worst part; all my sitters (100% of them) wanted many changes to the style, sometimes 20 or 30. Payment is good but you have to get a very good likeness!

Ashlee Bennet
July 17 2017

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