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Fashion sketching is not only fun, it can lead you down the road to riches with cutting edge clothing ideas and a career as a fashion designer. Whether you simply enjoy designing clothing for your own personal use or have aspirations to contribute to the garment industry, fashion sketching opens your mind to creative concepts that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Fashion drawing is easy when you have a vision or concept in your mind and put your ideas down on paper. To capture a realistic viewpoint of your fashion drawings, be sure to use a life form drawing as your model.

Helpful guidelines to accentuate and present your fashion statements include keeping your human form drawings large enough so that you may add detail and contour to your clothing concepts. In addition, the model drawings may require exaggerated lines for a longer neck, waist or legs to showcase your new fashion creation on paper. You can of course purchase one of those wooden manikins that artists use to help you get your human proportions correct.

When creating your fashion design drawing, remember to add flow and motion to skirts, dresses, coats and other lengthy pieces of material drawn on your model. An easy way to draw the model is to position the head turned sideways and the trunk of the body facing the artist. Set one foot forward as though your model was taking a step, then let your fashion designs swing and sway with realism on your hand drawn model.

To begin fashion sketching on your first attempt, you can get the feel and general idea if you copy a garment from a photograph. Look and draw until your hand muscles become comfortable with this unique form of expression and your eyes will begin to see things you never had noticed before. A new world of fashionista expertise open up when you examine the placement of seams, zippers and how to create something new while adhering to tried and true favorite garment shapes that best accentuate the human body. 

Fashion design drawing is a skill that will never go out of style. So if you feel you have what it takes to contribute to the multi-billion dollar fashion industry, jump in there with two feet to a world waiting for your next spectacular creation

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