Faux Painting Tips

by Heena Parveen
(Charles Town)

Faux painting and faux finishing are words that are usually used to describe decorative finishes that duplicate the look of another material.

The word "faux" is French for "artificial, fake, or false". A surface that has been applied with a faux finish may create the illusion that it is the real thing, or may be applied for artistic and aesthetic purposes.

The replication of textures, images, and décor on walls is not new. Evidence shows that the earliest caves and the tombs of ancient Egypt have painting and murals. The Ancient Mesopotamian civilization made use of plaster and stucco.

Faux finishing, replicates marble, stone, wood, and grain. It had a major resurgence in the 20th century when wallpaper fell out of fashion. Plaster, stone and brickwork, concrete, and adobe are some just some of the surfaces that it can work with, using various methods and techniques.

The great thing about these faux finishes is that even if it replicates textures, the surface is always smooth when touched.

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