Simple Flower Sketches:

How To Draw Them in Easy Steps

There is a large variety to choose from when drawing flower sketches and, if you follow along with these basics, you'll get good results.

The easiest flower to draw will be any of the five petal flowers like the daisy or cosmos – there are hundreds of them to choose from.

I have drawn a few simple illustrations on this page to show you an easy way to get an effective flower sketch.

Notice that in most flowers (not all) that the petals emanate from a center point and that would be the stamen. At the base of the stamen you'll find the stem. You need to know this in order to draw it —you'll find it in all flowers.

On this page we'll keep it simple and start off with the daisy—and I'll get out several other tutorials on more complex flower sketches later. So please follow along with me until you feel confident in mastering the five petal daisy.

In the first step, draw an oval (a bit like an egg) and place a dot in the middle. All your petals MUST commence from this center point. Now draw a smaller oval around the dot for the stamen.

Step Two
From the center dot draw five straight lines to the outside oval as shown in this illustration then place a dot on the OUTSIDE (your big oval) between each line you have drawn in.

For Step Three you now draw in smallish S shapes to connect the dot to the straight line you have drawn. This will be the outer edge of your petal. Again, please check the image below to see what I am referring to. This should give you an idea of how basic flower sketches will look. Once you have mastered these first three steps, the rest is even simpler.

Still following along? Okay, Step Four
This can be done rapidly as it is best NOT to fiddle with your drawing; nice clean lines make for a more professional drawing. Okay, now imagine the petals to be transparent and the main stem goes behind the petals and connects up with the stamen. 

Step Five
From the stem you have drawn in, make 3 or 4 smaller stems (as shown) where you will draw leaves. The leave can be simple, very much like two brackets together. A flower always looks so much better with leaves to support it. Once you have all the outlines in, erase your oval and other guidelines, then try coloring it in.

Drawing Flowers in Simple Steps

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