Flower Tattoos With a Difference

by Phil Wylie

Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

As an art lover, I personally find tattoos to be an expression of artistic originality, provided the individual that has a tattoo permanently put onto their skin actually puts a great deal of thought and gets something meaningful and unique.

As we know this is not always the case, and it is most unfortunate when you see the exact same tribal tattoo, or barbed wire on multiple individuals. One tattoo type that I have seen quite customized lately is the flower tattoo. Although predominately chosen by women to be on their ankles, I have seen them in quite a few different places, include the breast, upper back, upper thigh, and the ever popular tramp stamp on the lower back.

There are also 2 unique places that I have seen flower tattoos placed that I find quite interesting, the first would be the foot and the second would be on the side of the rib cage. For flower tattoos on the foot they can be rather painful to get, but they do make quite an impression and allow for some really unique customization if the toes and ankle are utilized in the design.

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Another interesting variation on the foot tattoo is actually on the bottom of the foot, although one would imagine that would actually be quite the ticklish experience. Again this offers quite the opportunity for customization with the toes and the contouring of the foot.

For flower tattoos on the side of the rib case, again yet another unique and uncomfortable place, it does offer the opportunity to take advantage of the length of the torso to provide long stems, or different groupings of flowers. The rib cage also avoids some of the trouble with lower back and belly button flower tattoo, the issue with the image stretching during weight gain and loss, particular for women during pregnancy, and also the resulting discoloration from stretch marks that the aforementioned weight changes can cause.

In either scenario, just remember the import part, make sure the tattoo will reflect who you are for the long term and it’s not done to please others, after all you only live with one person your entire life, you!

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My Flower Tattoos

by Moira Lipman
(Douglas IOM)

My Flower Tattoo

My Flower Tattoo

I think you should always think a tattoo through to the fullest before you ever get one. I have a few tattoos, including a flower tattoo.

My flower tattoo is on my lower back in the middle. I got it when I was 18, my sister actually got it for me for my 18th birthday. I liked it then, but I'm not so sure now.

I also have a flower tattoo on my right shoulder blade that I had a devil covered up with. I don't really like the flower tattoos that I have, but in order to cover up the red devil, I had to have a flower or something with fur. And to make it cover up better, it had to be something red. So that is why I chose the red rose.

The reason I don't like the red rose is because nearly everyone has one. I think it is a very common tattoo. I have seen some really cool looking flower tattoos, but then again, I have seen some really stupid looking flower tattoos.

I think a full back piece of flowers would look really cool, but I think you have to have them done in the right colors, and with the right shading and everything.

You also need to be very careful of who you have do your tattoos. Hint - is why I had to have the devil tattoo covered up.

I would like to have some more flowered tattoos, to kind of blend into the other flowered tattoos that I have. My boyfriend doesn't like tattoos on women though. Which I think is stupid since I like getting tattoos.

It is kind of stress reliever. You can just sit there and relax and get some new ink. I just can't wait to get a new one but don't tell my boyfriend!

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Flower Tattoos and Mother Nature

by Leslie Dawson

Generally, flower tattoo articles will certainly talk about flower that have a very good connection with Mother Nature, explaining sensations regarding everyday living and vitality.

Flower tattoos emphasize the cycle of life and they remind us of our personal development. If you consider yourself as a very good lover, you might want to have a tulip inked on your upper arm which usually suggests a reputation as an ardent lover. On the other hand, if someone is usually shy, a purple tattoo would be suitable.

A floral tattoo theme is extremely representational together with being wonderful and stylish. According to a person's desire of choice and design, one can find a simple one flower type of tattoo design or even a more sophisticated design blending together even more elements inside the design for instance fairies, butterflies, skulls etc.

Getting a lot more than two hundred species, typically the hibiscus flower tattoo is widely viewed as a really exquisite, delicate natural splendor.

Peony tattoo characterize at risk or maybe temporary character involving everyday life, aspirations, conviction combined with consideration, while doing so for the committed persons, peony tattoo is considered the symbolic description related to completely delighted union. Bamboos are among the couple of trees that will stand up to tornadoes.

Because of that, on top of that their strength duration, they will certainly symbolize stability, bravery, great breeding, longevity, good luck, and also certain celebrity. The traditional Chinese believed bamboo has been food for the Phoenix, the actual legendary bird in which rises from his own ashes.

Utilized along, daisies and daisy blossom tattoos will be able to signify several things for instance gentleness, cleanliness within thinking as well as love, and also good fortune for women of all ages.

A sunflower tattoo layout will often symbolize worship, optimism, honor, as well as appreciation. The particular lily is normally associated with love and chastity. Together they will certainly represent the ultimate Judgment, along with the splitting involving the innocent and the guilty.

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Lotus flowers are frequently represented as having a pad-like base with upward reaching flower petals. Simply because the lotus flower starts during the day as well as closes through the night, it presents the particular duality related to nature, e.g. day and night, birth as well as death, female and male, sun as well as moon. The actual orchid tattoo design is another symbolic expression connected to magnificence, magnificence, and sophistication.

Pigment out of the rose tattoo will have an impact on the meaning also, though the largest part of the actual meaning is going to changes by tradition also. If you evaluate a rose tattoo style, think about all of these details Vines most of the time tend to be seen as a symbolic representation involving evolution along with a good partnership.

The actual grapevine is without a doubt much more within faith based symbolism tattoo. Quite possibly the most significant meaning attached to the olive limb is the meaning associated with peace.

Essentially any olive branch mixed inside a tattoo design probably will immediately show peace Plumeria tattoo design, can be a symbol of sentiment, real love, friendly relationship, and also kindness. The plumeria will make a great complement in almost every Hawaiian-based floral tattoo concept.

The very last selection will be yours and since it's going to be for life its a good idea to give it a lot of considerations before you go. In general, the Tree of Life tattoo style and design symbolizes the link within the heavens and then the world.

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