Follow Drawing Basics for Good Results

by Marcus Barton



As you know, there are many genres in “The Arts” which would include literature, dance, oil painting, music, drawing and sketching, story writing and many more.

All these genres of the arts have their very own basic “rules” that one should adhere to if you wish to be really good. We have to follow along with these basics rules in any of these arts in order to give impact and communication.

All of the “arts” must align themselves with these “Rules” which you will usually find in their relative textbooks.

If we are professionals, we do follow ruthlessly these basics not because we are told to but we do see the necessity to improve our skills ongoing. It is the kind of urge we get with a sort of passion.

Anyone can turn out junk art and there is plenty of it in the so-called music field e.g. rap and hip-hop. Perhaps you love that stuff but how does that compare to any of Bach’s Symphonies? Mozart’s 8th?

There is usually a large gap between the amateur junk and the pros with an effective product—the latter having accomplished higher skills by following the basics and expanding further their knowledge in their field of the arts.

Add a touch of talent and you have your creative art forms hit the top of the charts.

Be professional in all that you do without “That’ll do for now.” And follow the basics!

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