My Sketch of Olden Car

by Meta Otrana

Old car

Old car

This sketch was similar to something I saw in a magazine, I just used the basic shape as my drawing is not so good.

So I drew all the short lines to give it more texture or what they tell me is a sketchy look.

My mother is correcting my English here as I don't know it so well as I am from the Philippines. Will you please tell me how I can improve my drawings.

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Formula One Racing Cars

by Matt Valdo

Formula One

Formula One

The Formula One is my favorite car and I love drawing these especially if I can give the impression they are really hooting along.

I've been to several Formula One races in Europe but not in the USA. I've tried to capture the excitement of speed with rubber burning, with crowds of spectators. My digital camera is not quite the same as drawing them in.

People are not so easy for me to draw so I am going to try and get some lessons on drawing people - then I will be able to create some great stuff with crowds of people in the background cheering their favorite team.

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