Free Art Drawing

by Trevor Tatham
(East London)

Artist at Easel

Artist at Easel

There are countless tutorials on the internet on free art drawings. Some of them are quite good while others suck due to missing information on exactly what to do.

To get you going fast, so you need ALL the "meat and potatoes" to get you wheeling fast on these basics. Once you really know the basics you can throw the instructions in the trash!

The real basic-basic is how to best hold your pencil (or charcoal) which is NOT the same way you write to ma.

At this stage, if your sketch is just a rough idea and you have no plan on drawing or sketching for your painting, that fine. It's all practice which helps you no end. But if you are sketching for a painting then the style and painting technology has to fit in with your drawing style. E.G You don't need to cross-hatch or subtly "blend in with your pencil." More on this later and will become clear as you progress.

Often artists have no idea which direction they are going and it becomes a hit and miss. It is good to know exactly what you want from your drawing and your painting.

I will follow up on this in two weeks time. Thanks for reading.

Trevor Tatham.
East London
May 2017

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