Free Drawing Lessons

by Jon Saqarra

There are free drawing lessons available on this site, in fact,they are all free. My suggestion here is to subscribe to the free monthly newsletter where you can get an eBook on the basics of drawing.

It is a Beginners Guide where you'll find all you need to get started.

Here is an outline of what is in the book:

  • What it takes to be a good artist
  • The pros and cons of pencil drawing
  • Famous pencil artists and their work
  • Getting started with the right materials
  • Four ways to hold a pencil
  • Drawing lines
  • The basics of perspective
  • Basic drawing shapes
  • Light and shadow
  • Shading techniques
  • Tips and tricks

If you know the main points listed here you will be approaching professionalism in your work—after practice. What I'd like to emphasize is, you can only learn so much from a book, real learning comes from actually doing these basic guidelines.

As with most things in life, if you have a passion for something like drawing, you WILL rise to the top of the pile and become a real pro.

Bottom line: there are no shortcuts, no magic, only a little sweat. Then you can hang out your shingle "Artist For Hire." At that point I will hire you to come and work in my studio!

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