Frustrations of Being an Artist

by Penny Sebright
(Port Johnson PA)

It does get frustrating when you have your sketch book out and you just do not know where to start. There’s just a blank sheet of paper in front of you with a few lines of nothing in particular. Your mind is a blank.

You’ve tried asking your muse for ideas but she is too busy helping others.

Surrounded by a pile of sketches, all of them incomplete as your frustration starts to peak. Thoughts go through your mind “I think I should give up drawing and painting and take up scrapbooking where I can paste cut-out images from magazine and stick them in a random fashion.”

Then you begin to feel a bit guilty as you promised yourself you’d become a great artist and had all your goals mapped out!

Friends have asked you to do a drawing of their dog because they praised your animal sketches “as the best they’ve seen.” You don’t agree with their comments because deep down you keep those thoughts “I just can’t draw, I am hopeless... because nothing today seems to be going right.”

You have another coffee break and it seems to settle your nerves. There is a book near you on “How to draw the human figure” and this sparks your interest.

You flip the pages and start to admire some of the poses. This further increases your interest and you pick up your pencil and start to draw.

So I am reading all this stuff by Paula Lopez and agree with her that to start your day you MUST start any small action, not necessarily a drawing, but something as simple as making a cup of tea!

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