Funky Art

by Jon Saqarra
(Ft Knox)

Dancing in Color

Dancing in Color

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

Not all art looks like art at first glance. Some art makes you turn your head to the side and go “huh?”

A category of art that can make you do this is funky art.

Ever think you could make a collage out of bottle caps? If you create funk art, you most certainly can! This movement is all about bright colors, weird combinations of images (like a giraffe with a top-hat), and thinking outside the box. The best way to categorize it with art terms is “abstract expressionism.”

Get Funky With It!

You don’t need any kind of art education to start making funky art. Whatever compels your creatively is what you should put into your masterpiece. Bold lines and opaque color are pretty characteristic of this style, but even that isn’t guaranteed.

Funky art can also jump off the page; it doesn’t have to be two-dimensional. Got old shoes you can’t wear anymore? Splatter on some neon paint, string them up with fishing line, and create a funky, repurposed mobile!

Be Brave!

This kind of art is where your inner artist goes for vacation. There are no rules or guidelines: funk art is pure playtime.

If you have a voice in your head that tells you you’re not good at drawing, painting, or sculpting, kick it to the curb and bravely try your hand at making some funky art!

The creation process alone is liberating, not to mention the crazy, cool, crafty finished products. Funky art is the unscripted, improvisational, kooky member of the art family. It’s characterized by bold colors, out-of-this-world images, and playfulness on the part of the artist.

What’s the Purpose?

Sometimes people looking at modern art ask “What’s the meaning? What’s the purpose of this piece?” I for one have a grandmother who asks this anytime we go to an art museum.

Sometimes the answer really just is “Because it looks cool.” While the artist might have a reason in their personal life for drawing a green orangutan with bunny slippers, the viewer can enjoy it as a piece of art simply because it is.

That’s the magic of art: it doesn’t have to DO anything. It exists, and that is its power. The funkiest, weirdest, most random pieces of art embody that aspect of art better than photorealism or even impressionism can. This is because funky art blatantly has no other goal than to delight the eye.

What’s the purpose of the glow-in-the-dark painting of the dolphin jumping over a neon pink starfish? The answer can only come from your personal opinion. Do you like looking at it? Are you compelled by it? Are you amused by it?

THAT is the purpose of any piece of art. Even the “fancier” art that “looks like something” is really only setting out to accomplish one, single, solitary mission: to get you to look at it and enjoy it. Funky art is no different.

So let's see some of your funky art!

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