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Cats Playing The FoolCats Playing The Fool

There are few things more entertaining to people of all ages than a funny cat face drawing. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to draw awesome pictures of silly cats, guilty cats, mad cats, annoyed cats, and much more?

It is not as difficult as you might think. Before you know it, you can develop the ability to sketch these adorable faces that bring joy to people all over the world.

My Friend The CatMy Friend The Cat
My Friend The CatI Just Love My Cat

 Let's face it. If you are like many people, you spend way more time than you would like to admit doodling absentmindedly. Why not learn to draw something more than simple squiggly lines, flowers, shapes, and more? Think about it. If you are in school, chances are that it will be much more fun counting down the minutes until class ends while drawing funny cat faces. (You can't be expected to pay attention all the time can you?! Why not draw something entertaining like a pussy cat with a screwed up face?)

No, I am SmilingNo, I am Smiling
I've been under the shower too longI've been under the shower too long

As a parent, imagine the points you would earn with your child and their friends by being able to expertly sketch out cool pictures. (Everyone knows the coolest parents are the artistic ones that aren't afraid to get down in the floor with some paper, crayons, and markers and spend hours drawing with their children.)

Me also  -  I've been under the shower too longWaddaya Think?
Me also  -  I've been under the shower too longMe also - I've been under the shower too long

You don't have to be an accomplished artist to draw funny cat faces. All you need is a pencil, paper, and the desire to learn. Sure, it will take some effort on your part, but there is just something exciting about being able to whip out a cool picture that everyone agrees is the cat's meow. There are links here on how to draw a cat.

If you have always wanted to learn to draw, now is the time. You may not be the next Picasso or Rembrandt, but you just may be the next Jim Davis. Are you asking yourself, “Who is Jim Davis?” Why, he is the creator of that lovable fat cat known worldwide as Garfield.

It is Really Fun to be a CatIt is Really Fun to be a Cat

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What kinda Cat Do You Think I am?What kinda Cat Do You Think I am?