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Funny monkey drawings is a great place to start in learning how to draw with your good sense of humor, there are a number of exercises you can partake in to help expand your drawing skills and maybe get a laugh or two out of somebody in the process.

One of the easiest ways to learn how to draw humans is to turn them into cartoons and one way to catch the human form while turning it into a bit of a cartoon is by making monkey drawings.

Cartoon Monkey With Exaggerated Features enjoying lunchA Cartoon Monkey enjoying lunch
A Monkey Studying With Glasses, he thinks this is hard workA Monkey Studying With Glasses, he thinks this is hard work

Making small comic series or funny monkey drawings can help you build on your drawing skills and also keep you entertained! You will be gob-smacked at the skills you can learn just by creating a few monkey drawings or by sketching out a few monkeys in fun scenes.

Drawing complex human figures and real life depictions of humans can be something that you can work up to, but in the process it’s a very good idea to begin drawing out the human form in cartoon style. Starting first with the torso and eventually moving on to the face will help you to create actions and emotions that you can convey through your drawings.

It may take time for you to be able to draw action images but by planning out just a few funny scenes in your head, you can work on creating cartoon monkey drawings that will help you build your drawing skills.

Another Playful Monkey loving in playful moodA Playful Monkey looking for a naughty game to play
What breed is this?We do not know where his home is! Can you help?

One of the best ways to get really accomplished at drawing and easier for yourself is to practice and then practice some more. Giving yourself a goal like creating a small comic strip or cartoon each and every day could help improve your skills. Over the course of a few weeks you will definitely start to see changes in your drawing abilities and you may also see your drawings becoming more detailed as your comic or cartoon strip progresses.

Ultimately, learning how to draw is a commitment that you need to make for yourself. Whether you are an amateur artist or an experienced artist who seeks to improve their skills, you need to find a project that you are passionate about and then you need to commit to it.

Something simple like funny monkeys could be your passion and could be the way you practice your drawing skills to eventually work up to doing detailed portraits of animals and humans. You may choose a different subject to begin with or choose to keep your drawings with less humor based more on true to life. The decision of what you would like to commit to is entirely up to you.

Monkey feasting on his Daily RationsMonkey having Lunch With his Buddy. This soup sure does taste good!
Monkey Waiting to have a haircutMonkey waiting for Haircut - he feels quite hot in that fur coat.

Monkeys are fun loving creatures full of mischief, love to interact with humans and are quite sociable. They groom each other, hug, fight sometimes and do other similar human things.

The important part is not to worry about your materials, whether or not people will approve or not of your current skill level. It’s YOU that matters not someone’s opinion. You need to draw with what you have and commit to getting better at drawing with practice as often as possible.

If you are interested in learning how to draw, you will be amazed at the improvements that you can make just by committing to draw something as simple as funny monkey drawings every day. In just a year’s time (or maybe a month or two based on you passion) you could go from drawing stick figure cartoons in a small notebook, to drawing realistic images for a studio in Hollywood for their next blockbuster that you and the world can be proud of.

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