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This is your gallery of pencil sketches. Although the art of pencil sketching is considered to be a gift or a natural talent by some, I believe that it is also a skill that can be learned and taught to another person. Even the great artists had to start at the beginning!

To give you a better understanding of sketching, a good metaphor to use would be the foundation of a building. Before any physical structure is erected, a foundation is first laid in order to ensure that what is being built upon is stable and secure.

Similar to drawing, an artist first creates a basic sketch with the purpose of highlighting the drawing’s most important features. In other words, the sketch is the drawing’s skeleton.

In some cases, the sketch is the final product or the drawing itself.

In this gallery of pencil sketches, you will see that the drawings range in detail from those that emphasize a great level of detail to those that are as minimalist or as basic as possible. Whether you are a veteran artist or are just about to get started on the journey of sketching, it is all a matter of preference and style on your end.

You should not feel pressured or obliged in any way to follow or conform to a certain style when it comes to detail emphasis. It is all a matter of what you want the drawing to look like in the end.

One very common question posed by many a beginning artist is how to simplify a subject (what or who you are going to draw) to its basic structures. If this question has been ringing in your head, the answer is quite simple.

Analyze your subject and figure out the shape that is most similar to what you are trying to draw.

Michelangelo, Satyr's HeadMichelangelo, Satyr's Head

For instance, if you are trying to sketch a person's chest, try to visualize a barrel or a cylinder. Hopefully this comparison will help simplify your sketching. This step is actually quite essential in producing a sketch that looks as realistic as possible. Skipping this step may lead to figures that seem deformed or unreal.

Another highly effective way to learn how to sketch is by studying the work of others. Some of the great masters copied from other great artists, then took it to the next level.

Take the time to visit conventions and witness first-hand how professional or veteran artists start, shape, and end their work. You just might be surprised by how many techniques you learn.

By doing this, you will also get an idea of the type of work or style that you want to produce in the future. There is also no harm in taking art or drawing classes. However, with the wealth of free information available online, it also might be a good idea to try surfing the web for sketching lessons—or you can get a free newsletter here to get drawing tips and techniques to help you every month—lessons from wonderful contemporary artists.

Most importantly, keep practicing. Who knows? Soon, you might be posting your very own gallery of pencil sketches but you CAN start off by posting your artwork here.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Draw with ease  
First and foremost, Sketching needs time and attentiveness. You should be comfortable, at ease & should not be in haste. Use your imagination, you should …

Nao Tomori (charlotte) 
The drawing is a character from the anime Charlotte which took about one hour and twenty minutes to draw. This is my latest pieces out of the other …

My little sketches. 
I am very interested in pencil sketching and want to improve my sketching skills. As a first step, I am uploading 3 of my sketches that I did recently. …

Sketches we wonder 
It's a new start...I like to draw anything and everything. These are some of the sketches which have been uploaded. Make a comment please.

Emma Watson Sketch 
A sketch of Emma Watson.

Greatest Designs 
It took about 3 days to draw all these cars with perfection.

One of My Best Sketches 
I do my best with my sketches...If you like them please give me feedback. Thank you. By Farheen Khan

Lass's feeling 
This art is about a young girl feeling after her love was broken...she lost her enthusiasm and never wanted to face the world. By Aarthy Sekar …

Brother and Sister 
A beautiful relationship in the world. By Subha

Pencil Drawing Mikimouse 
I love my drawing, I hope you do also. By Moumita Sett

I have adopted this concept from one of my favourite movies. By Chinchu

Calm before the storm.

A Cat  
Cat Drawing. Comments welcome. By Nina van Rooyen

Two in one 
How many creatures do you see? By Doctor B

I think it is cool, what do you think? By Kelsey Louise Maton

Super Saiyan Gods Not rated yet
That is on the gods we want in dragon ball super

Birthday Rabbit Not rated yet
This is a simple, colored pencil drawing of a rabbit celebrating his birthday. I hope that it will be fun to you.

Portrait Not rated yet
Alia Bhat. Pencil on paper.

Shadow Art Not rated yet
This drawing was done by using only a pencil and was edited and cropped by using the mobile.

frisk undertale Not rated yet
Frisk with the six souls about to break the barrier. This is inspired art and is originally mine. Untertale and all Undertale CHARActers belongs to Tobyfox. …

I like to create and Draw Not rated yet
I have made many sketches. Please comment

Aveberry goes hunting Not rated yet
Cartoon style with loads of colour, drawn on a play store app, a mixture of drawing and photo manipulation, redrawing and blending subjects to the main …

Mehak Cat Not rated yet
Pencil sketch of cat from the movie Alice in Wonderland.

Emotions Not rated yet
This drawing is inspired by the different emotions almost everybody has and I made each one in humans and in a way that you can see, feel and describe. …

Tiger Not rated yet
My drawing of a tiger....😀 Thank you Elisha for your submission, Kim Langerman, Moderator.

Sailing Yatch Not rated yet
Sailing Yacht is a creation where you see the lightest details, of the sea tides and winds whistling but the sailor never stops from moving forward, crossing …

Vision Confusion Not rated yet
Hie All Being an art lover (to draw), I wanted to create something which can make the people look at my drawing and be confused and spend time to realize …

Passionate Touch Not rated yet
Showing passionate love towards the child by the father and the way he leads the child.

Oli Sikes Not rated yet
Oli Sikes, Lead Singer for Bring Me The Horizon

Harsha Not rated yet
I'm an artist. Born in Middle class family. I am a poet, photographer and have many hobbies and interests such as sketching. I was born on 30th …

Milla Jovovich/"Alice" Resident Evil Not rated yet
Milla Jovovich is my favorite actress in the entire universe. I love the Resident Evil movies. They ROCK! Lisa Vetrone

Art by Pvpd Sri Harsha Not rated yet

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Not rated yet
I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is one of my favorite actors!

Jensen Ackles Not rated yet
I'm a celebrity portrait artist. By Lisa Vetrone.

Transformers  Not rated yet
Transformers drawn by Immanuel 7 yrs

Hand of Blood: Bird Snake  Not rated yet
Hand of Blood is a series of drawings with something added that is dangerous or evil or creates fear or death! It started with the Hand of Blood and …

The Art of Coloring  Not rated yet
Hello Colorists, Here are some basics about color and the art of color. I used to struggle putting colors together so it looks perfect and harmonizes …

It Ain't Rock-it Science Not rated yet
A satirical poke at those that fancy themselves musicians but are lacking something.

Faux Painting Tips Not rated yet
Faux painting and faux finishing are words that are usually used to describe decorative finishes that duplicate the look of another material. The word …

Human Face Not rated yet
My drawing depicts a realistic human face. Moderator: Jollyon Hooley I think Akshaya, your perspective is a little "out of whack!" Perspective can …

Cute Little Deer Not rated yet
This is a drawing of my cute little deer. Let me have your comments on my drawing please. Submitted by Kamala October 2016

My ZooPeRmAN :D Not rated yet
This was drawn using black ball pen and sketch pens. Pranav P Melath October 2016

Angry Bird Not rated yet
Art by my wife. Well, tell us about your wife and her artwork. If you want exposure, write a sentence or two here on how she does it, what mediums she …

Justin Bieber Not rated yet
Hi guys, I used charcoal for this sketch. Hope you guys like it :) Make a comment please!

Fantasy Eyes Not rated yet
I'm from Papua New Guinea. I used HB and 2B pencils for this sketch. In an effort to improve on my drawing/sketch tones, I came up with this. Cheers …

Is brotherly love appropriate? Not rated yet
So far, many naturalized immigrants from the Middle East have not appreciated our generosity. We have suffered under the Boston bomber brothers, mass …

My Brett Lee Not rated yet
Came up with good work for my cutest sport player Brett Lee.

Alien Man Not rated yet
I'm just learning to draw, pencil drawings are my interest, this is one I sorta liked. I had no reference, I just drew it. I have been trying to draw …

Tattoo Drawings– A Form of Self-Expression Not rated yet
Tattoos had been in existence for centuries and across different cultures. Today, they are considered art forms and are widely accepted as a form of self-expression. …

Car designs Not rated yet
Best car designs for beginners and amateure car artists. Moderator: These look like Formula One Racing Cars. Is that correct as I do not know much about …

Pikachu (pokemon) Not rated yet
It's a simple pencil sketch which I is a Pokemon named Pikachu - a cartoon character.

pencil sketch Not rated yet
my first sketch is of barbie n next one is a beautiful face n the third is cartoon about love n the last but not the least is a horror n quite sketch

Getting Ideas For Your Drawings Not rated yet
No matter how professional we are, we’ll always run into a mental blockage “Now what shall I paint today? Hmm, maybe a landscape although the one I slapped …

Anime Love Not rated yet
"parallel or crossing line, you just stand by me, i'll cross the line, coz maybe tonight... ...the stars Align.." #animedoodle #instaart visit …

After a Long Time ... Not rated yet
It looks like a sketch of a knight during Henry 4th reign. Dusan, you should take a picture of drawing when it is halfway finished--it looks like you …

"Inner Strength" Not rated yet
Tigers have always been one of my favorite animals, and I have gotten a little better. I wanted to see by drawing one so, thats why I drew this.

War is Our National Game Not rated yet
This drawing is to express emotions about the Tamil King's brave pride in the warfield. Neyveli, Tamilnadu, India

John Wayne TheDuke. Not rated yet
I free hand copied John Wayne form a picture on the internet.

Portrait - Kristin Kreuk Not rated yet
Arno, will you please load up your drawing and email it to me then I can replace it with this photograph. Thanks, Jon My name is Arno Crafford. I live …

Olaf Not rated yet
I am 13 years old and drew this using Prisma Premier Colored Pencils. I start 9th grade at Oviedo High School in the Fall.

Rooster Taking Picture Not rated yet
I drew this, uploaded it and then redrew it on my computer.

FOETUS in Embryo !!  Not rated yet
Birth is a miracle and it happens in the most complicated way. So we should live it in a proper way. Love all, keep smiling, enjoy your best:) Chanti …

Cristiano Ronaldo Not rated yet
Its a Sketch of the best footballer in the world Ronaldo, IMO

Miley Cyrus Caricature  Not rated yet
Miley is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who is well-known for her erotic actions on stage or off. She is an actress and recording artist …

Celebrity drawings Not rated yet
More celebrity drawings by Lisa Vetrone.

Beauty Not rated yet
This was someone i used to think about all the time, so I drew a picture of her.

Curves & Edges Not rated yet
Beginning to work with pencil drawings and dusting; Amateur - only looking for constructive criticism and help with techniques. I'm new to sketching/shading …

Cats Sleeping Not rated yet
Hope you like my drawing of cats sleeping?

Pencil sketch of Girl. Not rated yet
Hi, I wanted to share my sketch here because I like sketching very much. I never studied drawing from any class or college, its just a hobby of …

Memes and How I Draw Them Not rated yet
There are various definitions of "memes" but my definition for these are, as a beginner, just rough cartoons without any consideration about how good or …

New Celebrity Drawings Not rated yet
Drawing celebrities.

Fantasy Not rated yet
I have created these drawings and paintings. Please submit your comments!

Backwards Ball Cap  Not rated yet
Picture I drew of a skull wearing a backward ball cap smoking a big roach

Tulips  Not rated yet
Computer Drawn Tulips by Gwen

Dancing Flowers Not rated yet
I drew and colored this on the computer. Can you say more about your artwork? Computers are okay for drawings and paintings but don't get hooked …

Dedication to Jeffrey Dean Morgan Not rated yet
I love to draw people. These are two dedication portraits to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, one of my favorite actors.

Indian Pen & Ink Art Not rated yet
I am a textile artist. I can easily draw any type of Indian ink art on paper, film and glass. By Senthil

Sweetheart Not rated yet
She's the ultimate mix of beauty,innocence and elegance.

Tribute portraits Not rated yet
Tribute portraits to Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Billy Wirth.

Snake Eating Mouse Not rated yet
Snake eating a mouse. By Travis Hockley

Stick Animals and Man Not rated yet
I did this on the computer and also colored it. Hope you like it. By Gwen

Indian Rangoli Designs Not rated yet
Indians love colours and its natural to show the love for colours in many ways. Indian rangoli is an unique art work which is practised throughout …

Save Paper, Save Trees Not rated yet
In this sketch, I just want to say that paper also has a soul, so don't waste it. Because Papers are part of a tree. From school days, our teacher …

Lovely Moments.... Not rated yet
It's made me, its real. If you like this or want to contact me, do so on Facebook. By Anish Rohilla

Two Characters From the Movie Twilight Not rated yet
I like to sketch that's why I mostly prefer pencil sketching. This is my one of my favorite sketches:)) By Shruti Paliwal

Billy Wirth Continued Tribute  Not rated yet
I have drawn a series of Billy Wirth Portraits as a Tribute to him. I'm on several art sites and have seen them placed on his photo gallery. If possible …

The Rock Not rated yet
I love pencil sketching, especially drawing portraits! By Shubham Dogra

Fashon Design Not rated yet
I just need to know how can I start to make my dream comes true. I found your site by chance and I really liked your page. By Aline Thank …

This is Bella Thorne of TV Show Not rated yet
It has been drawn with a B, 2B, 3B, 4B, and 6B pencils with lots of shading and difficult lines. By Caitlin

Angelina Jollie Not rated yet
I sketched this from a photograph of Angelina Jolie, Hope you like it. Please critique my drawings. By Debbie

Indian Girl Not rated yet
Just doing a bit of sketching and ended up with this!

Crazy art by Gwen Not rated yet
I call it crazy art because I draw it on the computer from my drawing that I copied from a book. By Gwen

Akash Foundation Bhusawal Not rated yet
Collage of Mr Akash. Contributed by unknown entity.

Devina Not rated yet
Face to sketch.

Jay Tavare Veteran Native American actor Not rated yet
Another celebrity

These are drawings from the "True Blood" era Not rated yet
I love to draw...period.

My Guitar Not rated yet
It took me time but I still did it. It's my classic acoustic guitar.

21st century Billy Wirth Not rated yet
Just another BW drawing.

Pencil Shades- Sensuous Women  Not rated yet
Purushotam Sketches- Tried to potray the sensuous side of a women through a descent pencil sketch and finally got this output.

Bangon Pilipinas Not rated yet
This pencil drawing I have about Tacloban Leyte Philippines devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda(International name Haiyan). A thousand of people died, …

Billy Wirth Dedication Not rated yet
I enjoy drawing. I draw many things, but right now I'm drawing people.

Collage of my drawings Not rated yet
I copied drawings from books and drew them on the computer and also colored then I put them in a collage.

Smallest Pet Shop Not rated yet
Turtle Traffic

Satisfaction  Not rated yet
It is a state of satisfaction.

Responsibility Mirror Not rated yet
I used a mobile camera so it's not very clear. It's about a lot of people laughing about others' - they didn't think about the effect of what they are …

Fantasy ideas Not rated yet
I love to draw about my pain and my dreams with fantasy and my family doesn't care much about it and this brings me sadness. By Ingy

The Lovely Billy Wirth Not rated yet
This man is the most interesting to draw. Love him!

Billy Wirth (Not Finished) Not rated yet
I LOVE to draw. These three are of the actor/director Billy Wirth

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow Not rated yet
I love good looking men. I love drawing them. It's just that simple. Lisa Vetrone

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow Not rated yet
I love good looking men. I love drawing them. It's just that simple. Lisa Vetrone

The Actor Billy Wirth Not rated yet
I love to draw people. Especially good looking men. Let me have your feedback please if you like my drawing. by Lisa

The Power of the Self Employee Not rated yet
Through this drawing, I tell the self employer he is the best employee of the world. I used a simple pencil and 11"x12" size paper for this drawing. …

Cross Hatching Textures Not rated yet
This art is inspired by many of those cross hatching texture which i wanted to try at least once. I went on with many trial and errors to finally …

The Fox Not rated yet
I used a colour pincel to to draw it. My name Natheer Al-azzawi and I am from Musol-IRAQ By Natheer Al-azzawi

Aim high Not rated yet
It represents economic growth. I just want that here. The economic will grow higher and higher ^_____________^ By Patrick

Rooster taking picture of a Cat Drawing  Not rated yet
I think I have sent this before. This time it's like a jigsaw puzzle people can put together. Hope everybody likes it.

David Beckam Sketch Not rated yet
Pencil sketch of famous soccer superstar David Beckam. By Ahad Khan

Nisar Sketches Not rated yet
Jesus Christ sketch By Nisar

The Amazing Xo Not rated yet
The Amazing Xo is A Martial Arts/Jeet Kune Do Fighter, He is A warrior for God. His Origin is that He a Heroe of Old so it is a mystery, 2. Race Native …

Wachawa Naswar Not rated yet
Portrait of Wachawa Naswar. By Naswar Khan PS Is this a photo or a painting? Looks like a photo.

Ma Beautiful Love Not rated yet
A Drawing from life...Ma Beautiful Love by Roshan Jha

Eeyore Not rated yet
Fun with Bamboo drawing pad.

Dr. Mohanlal Not rated yet
He is the most flexible and finest actor in India. By Sujith Prakash

Pencil Sketch Not rated yet
It's a simple pencil sketch with a small hut together with nature. By ISHA JAIN

Believe in the Impossible Not rated yet
No matter how dark things may seem, everything is possible. By Maira Ortega Cervantes

Portrait of Bollywood Actor (Abhishek Bachhan) Not rated yet
First of all I do not consider myself as an artist because it is not my profession though I would love to make it because i am not that financially …

Black Swan Not rated yet
No Comments made. Contributed by Raveena

The Horse Not rated yet
I really felt good when I drew it, because at that time i was feeling happiness and confidence inside my mind and my heart. So suddenly a horse face …

Ghost Rider Not rated yet
A "ghost rider's" sketch drawn by me. My drawing is created by only one pencil. Rate this if you will please. Contributed by Gurnoor Singh Seambhi …

My First Drawing For The "Scrapbook Gallery" Not rated yet
These four drawings are rough sketches from my notebook, I then send them across to PhotoShop and put them through filters. I guess I do this to make them …

Ingres Drawing of WomanIngres Drawing of Woman

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