Great Gangster Drawings

Your Mother Would Approve

Create your own version of Al Capone with gangster drawings.

Gangster drawings have borderless possibilities as to how they would look even if gangsters have stereotyped characteristics as greatly influenced by the movies.

To some, it may be a guy with tobacco in his mouth and gun in his hand, a young blood struggling to get the top rank in his gang, or a lover torn between his love and loyalty. You may picture a gangster as someone who is driven to elevate his way of living, or a cool fellow who owns an expensive car and spends the night at the casino gambling—and winning, of course!

There is no stopping the human mind on how a gangster should look. There is no single kind of gangster, too, so let your imagination loose as you go down the chaotic streets of thriving gangsters.

Blood is thicker than water, but loyalty is thicker than blood. Your gangster drawing is not simply an outlaw involved in organized crimes.

Gangsters are calloused with drug and women abuse, and thievery; but they do have a code of conduct. They have principles to fight and live for. In case they get caught in illegal operation, most of them choose to die for their principles.

Know your gangster. It is your expression. Stir arrogance, anger, or perhaps romance in your audience. Believe in them - the instinct of survival

Speak no evil. Hear no evil. See no evil. Gatekeepers tried to suppress the prolific disobedience of gangsters in movies by creating grave downfall for the character despite his trying too hard to succeed.

How come there are websites teaching how to draw gangsters? We are not sponsoring resistance to the authorities of the traditional media nor to the authorities of the home by teaching you the way of the gangster drawings.

We are here just for the sake of art. You may be in the middle of a crisis because of extremely restricting rules, or you may be contending with life's adversaries. If so, you might be identifying well with a gangsters angst...just helping you get inspired.

The syndicate stereotype. Rampant manifestation of violence and defiance constitute the imagery of gangsters in our society.

Whether you are thinking of the black-suit men of the early days, or the street-clothed children of the ghetto, you can make a peaceful but bold demonstration of your frustrations through your gangster drawings.

Tips can be found in this website, but don’t simply stick with what you see around here. Be daring. The right amount of chaos can get people admiring your restlessness.

The Mafia, the Triad, or the Yakuza? Get your pencil and start putting organized darkness on your paper.

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My Testimonial to You

Your website is beautiful and exudes with goodness—-here is all the info, free of charge, just go and play with it, free your creativity. It would be the perfect site for our 10 year old, who is a keen (and very good) drawer in the sense that she truly enjoys it and will do it in her free time just for fun.

Vardit Kohn
The Hague