Georges Braque and Cubism

by Michelle Bonnard

La Femme Au Chapeau

La Femme Au Chapeau

George Braque is supposedly the creator of cubism but looking deeply into some of Picasso's painting I think Georges was certainly influence by Picasso.

We know he started out as a house painter like his father but what changed him is he attended school in École des Beaux-Arts, in Le Havre, from there he went on to Académie Humbert and hooked up with other French painters at which time he was influenced by the impressionists.

At the same time he came across the "Fauvists" who, in my opinion, were crude painters with garish colors and no sense of perspective. Thankfully Braque was not influence too much by this garish style and moved over to his well-known cubist style.

His cubist style really took off in 1908 with his interest in geometry and perspective. He went on to paint his cubist style up to the year when he died in 1963.

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