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Make Your Characters Come To Life

 Gesture drawings are part of the silent body language vocabulary that can scream louder than words. We use gestures everyday, and often unaware, to make our point clear as a bell and punctuate our communication.

Once you have mastered the art of drawing with gestures, you have arrived on the serious art scene with the ability to make your characters come to life. Gesture drawing is the technical staple for Saturday morning cartoons to the comics in the newspapers. They say actions speak louder than words, so get ready for a ride to catapult your sketches with the art of using gestures.

Watch and Learn
One of the best resources to study for animated gestures are the cartoon series that rely heavily upon this skill. The three ingredients for a dynamic cartoon that uses gestures to move the script and storyline forward are those who:

  • Reduce character dialog in favor of facial and body expressions
  • Back the storyline with music to reflect the gestures
  • Create conflict between characters to bring to life a wide range of character emotions

Some of the favorite animated classics that have gone down in the history books as masters of gesture drawings include:

  • The Pink Panther
  • The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote
  • Walt Disney's Fantasia

Practice Makes Your Drawing Perfect
Getting started with your gestures is easiest when you create an initial character and stick with it while you learn. The more comfortable you are with a certain art image, the easier it will be to manipulate the character's face and create a series of body language movements. Gesturing will become second nature as you progress, however, most artists want to reduce the frustration levels in the early stages with just one or a few character images.

Motion and Movement
Facial gestures must coincide with the proper body movement and motivation of the animated character. Hence, if you are creating a facial gesture of surprise, the character's body will become tense and full of energy. Exaggerated movements are always the rule for cartooning, however, to convey a story, the gestures and body motion must agree.

If you are serious about cartooning like the professionals, go here for a few tips and tricks on cartooning people.

Gesture Drawing and Careers in Art
Becoming a skilled cartooning artists opens the door for lifelong employment and a work experience where you call your own shots. The cartoon artist is often a freelance position with opportunities to participate in a mountain of varied projects.

From print media with newspapers and books to business art, the freelance cartoon artist may be self-employed or put on staff with a firm. Build your portfolio with drawings that reflect your strengths and be ready to show your work when the moment is right. 

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