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Well, there are top line artists making heaps of money by drawing super heroes for comics like Marvel, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and many others. And far beyond comics, there's cartoon animation where big bucks can roll in.  You must have seen Toy Story, The Incredibles, Nemo, Shrek, Monsters and a host of other top class animated movies?

These were created by artists just like you. There's one thing all these artists had; PASSION. If you have passion, your drawing skills will develop very fast and, when reaching a certain level of drawing skill, you may be able to get the door open as a junior artist in one of the studios!

There's plenty of hype about creating your drawing today and getting paid tomorrow. You know this aint going to happen and you'll know it is a scam! Any GRQ (get rich quick) is a scam which you will see through "You can get paid to draw within a few days!" Things just do not happen that way in the art world.

It takes time to develop your drawing skills perhaps not years but certainly months if you work hard on it. Best plan if you are really, really keen is to join up with an art group in your area or join one online--but check it out thoroughly first.

There are certain styles of cartooning for newspapers and magazines although these are doomed for the long term as the internet nudges them out of mainstream media.

But you can still get your foot in the door as a top notch artists if you gather your first-class portfolio and hawk it around.

For top quality cartoons, you can get $100 to $150 from top mags and less for specific genres. If you browse through the New Yorker, you will discover a variety of cartoon styles BUT they have to be pretty good to be acceptable by the editors. For the New Yorker and for many other magazines, your drawings can be just so-so as long as it tells a funny story. You do not have to submit a thoroughly crafted (meticulous)drawing!

Get yourself a copy of "Artists & Designers Year Book" which is cheap for last year's edition. This book contains nearly all the magazines, newspapers, greetings cards etc. and lists who to contact, editors, designers--see a review on Amazon. This book covers all markets in the USA. So start by putting your portfolio together. What?! you haven't got a Portfolio?

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