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Learning To Come Up
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At times you may get a blank page ready to draw but your mind goes blank. You really want to draw or paint but you do not have any idea in paint on what to draw.

Well, no need to worry about that since we are going to look at some of the amazing inspirations you may use as a way of getting artistic ideas.

All you need is a pencil and you are ready to go.

Habits you are fond of doing while painting
There are certain things that one may be fond of doing before or while painting. Some artists are fond of listening to music. These habits help in drafting an idea. It doesn’t matter the type of ritual you settle for as long as it helps in triggering ideas.

Objects and People around You
This is a good way of coming up with an art. Warm up with a gesture sketch of any object or people around you. You may use a self-portrait through turning on your webcam. Use a timer and try to draw what you can see within 2 to 3 minutes.

Since it is a sketch, you don’t expect the picture to have the perfect look but you will get to see how much you can achieve within a short period of time.

Playing with Colors
This basically entails mixing different colors in a bid to come up with a picture. There are some colors that you are naturally attracted to while others turn you off. Open you color box to choose the colors. Try to associate the colors with reference to scenes, objects and moods.

Drawing from a Photograph
At times you may have nothing around to copy idea from. Pictures are great source of ideas. Use photographs of something you like. This will make the whole process interesting hence coming up with a beautiful outlook.

Going for a Walk
It doesn’t matter which type of walk you may go for. Both nature and street walk offer perfect inspiration of creating an artistic work. While on a walk, look around. Take in everything that surrounds you, from colors, shapes, sounds, buildings, lights and so on.

Getting Inspiration from other Arts
You may borrow designs from other artistic pieces. Take a visit to a local art gallery, browse through art books. Through doing this, you will develop a clear thought on what you are intending to putting on paper.

Try to do something else
If you are there seated on a chair for close to half an hour and nothing rings on your mind, try to do something else. Engage yourself in other ideas that may help in generating an idea. This may include house cleaning or washing utensils. These activities enhances creativity.

Setting a self-challenge
Many upcoming artists tend to have something in mind that they always want to draw but self-confidence drives them back. This is the time to put up this challenge and compare your picture to the initial one. You will soon discover that with time, you can come up with a wonderful artistic work.

Organizing your art supplies
Spare your time to organize and clean your art supplies. This may be a difficult task to undertake especially if you have plenty of materials. You may use this to your advantage through converting the many supplies into art work. Choose one medium that may work best for you putting your interest into consideration.

Sometimes creativity may pop up in dreams. Always develop a habit of sleeping with your notebook next to you. This is to help you note down any thought that may come across your mind during the half dreams you experience.

Although some people may regard it as childish, scribbling really helps. Trying closing your eyes and scribble on a blank piece of paper for around 2 minutes. Open your eyes and elaborate on what is drawn. In most cases, you will find some sort of art resembling a tree or an animal. Try and major on what you see and before you know, you would have come up with an art work.

Taking a closer look
Try and view things from a different angle. You may view the sky but at a closer look, you may notice a figure resembling an eagle. Pen down a sky but with an eagle element in it.

This is what is called creativity.

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