Getting Ideas For Your Drawings

by Jollyon Hooley

Cezanne Still Life

Cezanne Still Life

No matter how professional we are, we’ll always run into a mental blockage “Now what shall I paint today? Hmm, maybe a landscape although the one I slapped out yesterday didn’t turn out very well. Maybe I should look at it from a different angle?”

We all have this from one or more degrees no matter that form of the arts we are involved in. We can of course take a peek at one or two of our peers and find inspiration there. Also put a phone call through to our muse (I can never find mine, she’s always off helping other people).

Have you ever worn the “hat” of one of your favorite artists or sketchers? That means, in a way, to actually “think” and act like your favorite artist? What would they be thinking, what would they be doing?

Most of the artists I know and those that have passed on, had a ton of crap in their studio including artifacts, collectable stuff, even ancient furniture and walls laden with much of their own art which they are still musing about!

To unblock the blockage, try taking some of those old bones and isolating a section of the bone to create an abstract? Or find some object tucked away in the corner and arrange a “still life.”

Arranging a still life for a painting or sketch, does take a bit of thought to create balance etc so your whole arrangement forms an interesting work of art. Many famous artists have been known to do this often. So what about giving this a shot?

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