Gothic Art Drawings

by Marchia Doranda

Gothic Art Drawing

Gothic Art Drawing

Gothic art drawings whether sculpture, frescoes or architecture, was considered barbaric in the early 1200's. Gothic art forms, interestingly, emanated from Romanesque art in England and France and has never lost its "dark art" image.

In all forms of Gothic art today, anything deathlike is lumped into this category. For some bizarre reason, ghoulish images have become a hit with tattoo artists. If it is spooky, gruesome, hideous or even offensive (like the swastika) —it is in vogue!

There is a lot of nonsense written about Gothic art being the forerunner of the Renaissance period and the enchanting sculptors of that period.

If you do a little research on art history between the early 1200's to present time, you will discover in all forms of art that the Gothic style never disappeared and is more evident today than ever before.

Demons, vampire and werewolf drawings are lumped under the Gothic brand—a collection of skulls in an art exhibition will be classified as such—or even a movie showing fanged teeth!

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